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We hear a lot of talk about Local Food systems. And the cultural elite will state that only the rich can afford to eat healthy, locally-grown foods. Poppycock!!!! (Actually, the earthiness of my language would normally spout another word but in honor of Earth Day, I am trying to clean up my part of the blogosphere!)

On Now, I heard an interview with Robert Kenner (director of Food, Inc) Great interview. But what made the most impact was an interview with a family that was shopping a convenient store for groceries and comparing the price of milk to the price of soda.

We are not wealthy. (OK -- you knew that!) If the truth be known, we have fallen below the middle class line. But I am ignoring that minor little fact. Besides, that is some arbitrary line that some economist drew. I'm very rich in the things that really count!!!!!

We eat pretty simply and pretty well. It takes some work -- it takes some planning. But I don't slave over the stove 10 hours a day. I still work ..... a few different jobs.... at the moment, it is three, not counting the farm. There are moments that I don't know whether I am coming or going ..... but we can always come up with a good meal -- quickly and inexpensively.

And that was last night's supper. But I have to admit, I get by with a little help from my friends!

This is Breakfast Pizza, courtesy of ABin5. I used the Boule recipe (master recipe) but I changed it up a bit. This time, I ground two cups of Hard White Spring Wheat from Oak Hill Acres.

Now -- I don't have a grain mill. And for the moment, I am not going to buy one. I don't have a blender. IF I can find one at a thrift store that's good and cheap, I may pick one up. But until then, I will grind it in my little old coffee grinder. Worked fine and one less appliance to find a place to store it.

Then I fried up two slices of beef bacon. OK -- this is my new foodie obsession. Bacon made out of beef. Its been cured..... less fat, more meat. Very tender. Really good. And local from Sawyer Beef. A little more expensive than bacon but I use it smaller amounts which too, is really good for us.

I scrambled four eggs from the coop .... added a little salt and pepper.

Then some cheddar cheese from Milton Creamery.

Literally, supper was pennies. Oh -- I topped it off with homemade sour cream. (Oh -- we will talk about this again!!!!! YUM!!!)

I don't want to hear about local food being too expensive! It is only too expensive if you have to have the sodas, the chips, the pre-cut veggies and the pre-cut fruit. If you eliminate convenience and learn to cook ........ you can not believe how much money you will save!!

But you do need a little help from your friends!


Teri said…
Amen to all of what you said!! BTW - that looks DELISH!!!
I agree with you! We save so much on our food budget when we buy local and buy environmentally smart.

It also taught us to value the food that we have - because some of the food is more expensive (like the grass fed beef). We treat it with more respect and eat less of it, which is also healthier!
Barb said…
Oh, that looks so good. I just had a sandwich with my first loaf of ABin5 for lunch. I am sold on making bread that way.

The eggs we eat are from our hens, the pork from a hog we bought from a neighbor, the milk from another neighbor I barter our eggs for his milk. (I can drink this milk without getting terribly sick...and now WI is voting on whether or not to allow the sales of raw milk...I am keeping my fingers crossed). You are right in that is does take planning and some time to eat this way but I sure like the balance in our checking account when I don't go to the store to buy things other than the staples. And....those come from an area Mennonite bulk store. Life is good.
Here!Here! Miss Effie, as I soundly slap my ol' wooden desk and heartily agree. Take away the fruit and veggie trimmings, the animal bones and organs, (the state in which you find most pre-packaged meat, vegetable and fruit in the stores), all for convenience sake mind you, and one will forget they are being robbed of the some of the most powerful nutrients for both the body and earth.

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