Performing CPR on our food systems..................

Have you ever noticed ..... you will be reading an article about home preservation and SUDDENLY the following words always appear ......... the dieing art of canning?

Well .... my goal in life is to eliminate that phrase from the AP Handbook! (I just know its a mandatory phrase for journalists!)

And I made a little progress last night. Six women took a Basic Canning class that I taught. We discussed equipment and terms. We talked about freezing and dehydrating. But most of all, we talked canning and learning to preserve what you grow.

Freedom is looking on your shelves and finding all of the ingredients for supper. Freedom is knowing what pesticides were used on your tomatoes. Freedom is having green beans with a low sodium content. Freedom is eating organically for pennies. Freedom is knowing that your salsa (and MINE!!) does not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. (yea ..... I'm missing Audrea Erickson's emails! I need to laugh at something!)

Here are three of the gals (and one very short instructor!) making freezer jam.

So I am excited when people want to learn about saving the food they grow and the food they buy locally.

And .......... I'm thinking we have some converts!

We all need to feel like we have control of our lives. And when we live in a world where jobs are uncertain, incomes are quickly reduced and savings disappear......... knowing where your food comes from is a start. And having the knowledge and the ability to save that food for the winter is a key point.

Or ....... have a crazy friend that cans 700 jars a year! Canning isn't taking its last breath as long as I have breath in me!!!!


girlwithasword said…
does this mean I'm going to be able to talk you into teaching a canning class at pLH? :)
girlwithasword said…
does this mean I'm going to be able to talk you into teaching a canning class at pLH? :)re
clink said…
Could YOU talk me into it??? I think that's a strong possibility. But not this spring....... late summer, early fall.... we can talk!
Ginny said…
Miss Effie, wished I lived near by, I would love to try my hand at canning. When I was dating Les (hubby)way back when my M-I-L was still canning, but I didn't pay much attention, now I wished I did. It is a little intimidating.
clink said…
Ginny .... Be not afraid! Go buy yourself the Ball Blue Book (about $8) and try something like pickles. Pickles are super quick, easy and there is almost no way to fail.

Then try tomato sauce or juice. Do some fruit. It really is easy.

And I am only an email away!
This is the year that I'm going to try canning. Last year was our first year of gardening, but I think I'm ready now.

I'm definitely going to buy the Ball book you recommend. Any upcoming classes in the QC?

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