So...... what am I up to????

For some silly reason, life gets a tad crazy this time of year. Ok -- reality check ..... its not life, it is me! I'm pretty certain I am over-worked, over-booked and under stress!

For all of you people that think I am wasting my education by planting flowers (yes, that would be my mother) .... this is my schedule for the next 6 weeks or so!

Tonight .... I am teaching Healthy Start for Infants and Preschoolers at Pleasant Valley High School. This is basically a make-your-own-baby-food class. We will be doing simple teething biscuits, granola bars .... snacks for preschoolers. But more importantly, we will be discussing the importance of organic foods, the elimination of high-fructose corn syrup in the diet and how to keep your child healthy.

March 30 .... I am part of the Horticulture Classes again this year that are offered through University of Illinois Extension and Rock Island County Master Gardeners. I am doing a class on Green Gardening...... water conservation, composting, natural pest control, and decorating your garden with thrift store finds (aka..... other people's junk!)

March 31 .... Luncheon series for Generations on healthy in-season salads. This will be at the Fairmount Street Library at noon.

April 6 ..... Chickens in the Backyard. I am so excited about this class!! I get to talk chickens for THREE hours!! Piece of cake! Should be a great time...... to sign up contact Scott Community College. The class will be held at the stone building at Vander Veer Botanical Park. And I am bringing some of my "girls". They will love the outing!

April 13.... Pickling Class through Scott Community College. No cucumbers will be harmed in this class. We will be putting other veggies in a pickle! Pickled asparagus, rosemary carrots and dilly beans will be canned, sealed and sent home for future tasting!

April 17 ... I will be at the 2010 QC Earth Week Fair at the QCCA Expo Center. At 2:00 pm I will be facilitating a discussion on The Carbon Footprint of a Cheeseburger: How to Green your Dinner Plate with Local Foods. Yea ... I know.... you are wondering what in the heck do I know about carbon footprints? When I heard the topic ...... I cringed too. Seriously, I hated chem!! All three classes. But I do know local foods..... and this is why I want to do a discussion, rather than a speech. We need to know how to buy our food .... not just why.

April 20.... Another class through Scott Community College. Spring Tea will focus on using herbs and edible flowers that you can grow in your backyard. I'll be making mint teas.... talk about blending and drying the herbs.... and then use edible flowers to make some yummy tea breads and muffins.

And finally...........

April 24........ YEA!!!! I will be at Prairieland Herbs in Woodward Iowa, teaching cheesemaking!!! You can not believe how honored I am to be asked to teach there!!! I will be assisted by the very talented and awesomely dressed .. Jill Beebout!! (she promised to wear her chicken hat!) I am absolutely certain this class will be so much fun ..... your sides will hurt from laughing so much! I'm trying to get Sheepie Neighbor to ride a long with me -- Sheepie, Maggie, Jill and I in the same room at the same time. Mayhem will break out at anytime!!! Particularly if Maggie has her hula hoop handy! A good time will be had by all!!!!

So .... that's my life for the next few weeks. That .... and some green therapy at Allens Grove Greenhouse. And the arrival of 8000 plugs. And an initial inspection of the farm by Silos and Smokestacks.

It is good to be busy..... this way I won't realize how tired I am!!!!!!


Jackie said…
Wow...I thought I was busy! Have fun!

Michelle said…
Sometime (no hurry), could you give me some suggestions for an eight-week class for our homeschool co-op? I could choose any age group between kindergarten and high school. We have hens so I could take a couple to class to show differences in combs, etc. I have to teach a couple classes per year, and have to find a topic to get excited about.
girlwithasword said…
Can we handle the hula hooping AND the chicken hat in one afternoon?! Oh boy!!!
That's definitely busy! Sounds like tons of fun.

PS - You mentioned on Sunday that if I wanted eggs, to let you know. I'm letting you know. My husband was so upset that I didn't tell you right there in the store that OF COURSE we wanted eggs. =) Let me know how to get them from you.
Judy T said…
I think maybe, just maybe, your schedule is even crazier than mine. Now THAT's something!
BlueGate said…
Oh Cathy, we are going to have SUCH FUN!! Tie Sheepie up and toss her in the car, she just can't miss it! How often do you get cheesemaking, hula hooping and the chicken hat all rolled into one?

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