Yea .... I'll quote Joe Biden!

So ..... you all know where I stand on health care reform. I have to say ... I'm not sure if this law will do the job. I'm certain the Republicans will tweak the law in the future. And then the Democrats will tweak it again after that. And eventually, something will come out of this that works for all of us.

It is compromise ..... it is debate.... it is democracy at work. It will happen.

And Woodrow Wilson is pleased ..... something has been done. Decades and decades after he proposed a plan.

But for those of us that told our stories. For those of us that attended meeting after meeting. For those of us that called our neighbors and friends asking for their support........... We had a moment to celebrate.

And this is about my moment of celebration.

Tuesday night, we arrived home from class to find an unfamiliar phone number on our caller ID.... numerous times. And there was no message on the answering machine. Hmmmmm? Somebody really wants to get a hold of us.

Now ..... on a whim.... I signed up for the lottery to get tickets to see President Obama in Iowa City. Yea. Sure. I never win anything.

But when I called the number back...... "Cathy, you have been allotted two tickets to see the President." Many of you heard me scream. (Sheepie... I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up!)

So Thursday morning..... Honey and I took off for IC to see the Prez!

And this is what I got to see.......... (Forgive my pictures... our President moves fast!!! And I really need a different camera if I'm going to shoot pictures like this again!!!)

You will notice that I seem to be looking down at the crowd. I was!!! We were put in the VIP bleachers. Don't ask me why. We were not selected to sit behind the President.... nor were we in the Reserved section. But somehow, we were on the bleachers. So I went promptly to the top end so I could see!!!! (Short lady syndrome, ya know!!!) 300 people sat.... 3000 stood. Yea .... I liked where I ended up!

Now ........ for the main event!

Takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves. This is a man that is going to get to work!

Great speech! Some wonderful lines!

And surrounded by Secret Service men, a half an hour, later President Obama left Iowa.

I was proud and honored to be selected to go. Just 1 in 16,000 people that applied for tickets.

You know ..... I don't think the health care reform as passed, will do anything to help Honey and I with our expenses. But it does guarantee coverage for Addie and Sarah and Jill. And if anything I did helped our girls and made their future brighter............ I'm proud to have done it.

I told details of our life that were depressing, frightful and somewhat humiliating. It is difficult to realize that you are no longer middle class.

But to know that my little actions helped in a very small way....... meant the world.

Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you.


Catherine said…
what a nice surprise...I'm glad you won...and I'm glad you support health care reform and our President...and that you blog about it.
corinne said…
Miss Effie goes to Washington...or kind of close to Washington, Iowa, at least!
I am so glad that you got to go, you work so hard for the things that you believe in : ).
girlwithasword said…
clink said…
Maggie .... I saw those three and made them stop so I could take a picture!! I loved it!!!!!

I have no idea where they got them.

They were just tooooo coool!!!
As if I didn't already think you were the coolest gal west of the I find out you are an Obama supporter...oh Miss Effie, you're just terrific! :-)

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