Blantantly stealing!

Is theft really theft if you give someone the credit??? Well, I'm doin' it!

I am much too lazy to write today about my wonderful, awesome, incredible experience at Prairieland Herbs.... and I did promise to blog about it today.

Besides, I'm busy pretending to clean house today. In reality, I'm eating Picket Fence Chocolate Malt ice cream .... one spoon at a time. Straight from the freezer. Saves on dish washing! I'm wondering how long it will take me to eat 8 quarts of ice cream..... I'm thinking 8 days!!!!! I really need to buy more coolers!

So I'm linkin' to Abby's post at Love Made the Radish Grow.

Personally..... I am considering Abby's post a major documentation of a chicken event! We poultry obsessed individuals are hoping that the chicken hat will make many future appearances around Iowa. I still think a flash mob to the "Funky Chicken" would be perfect!

(And yes, Abby. Honey would tell you that I never stand still.)


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