Can you hear me? Can you see me?

Then you have the chance to see Miss Eff on tv today!

OK -- don't be so excited. Calm down. I can see you scratching your head and wondering .......... Why would they let her go on tv?

Good question. I wonder that myself. But I said I would do it for Buy Fresh-Buy Local and so that's the plan. I will be on PSL today at 4:30, promoting the workshop that I am doing at the Earth Week Fair on Saturday. So I am preaching the gospel of Michael Pollan and talking local foods.

Today it is about local sources of protein .... meats, eggs and cheese.... and convenience.

Gotcha on that last word, didn't I? So often we think that going to the farmers' market means long hours in the kitchen cooking. Well -- our local vendors are doing a great job by creating ready-to-heat main dishes. And I am going to cover some of those, including a pre-cooked roast in gravy by Sawyer Beef. And their beef bacon ..... which I am still obsessing over! Love that stuff!

Then I have a quick cooking segment where I will be talking about whole grains and local sources. Yep .... I've got a loaf of bread rising now made from Oak Hill Acres Spring Hard White Wheat and then I will be making steel cut oatmeal from their organic Hulles Oats.

It will be fun.

OK -- in REALLY important news. We got a lot of work done this weekend. Yesterday, when I was was doing my last Sunday at Retail-Hell, Honey and BIL plowed the main cutting garden.

As usual, I am redecorating and re-arranging the main bed. We usually just till the garden but with the paths worked down --- we decided it might be a good idea to bring the big guns in and plow it.

Honey's family normally prefers green tractors..... but just for me and my love of Illini-orange,
BIL brought a nice AC for me!

And in other decorating news ................
I made another bird feeder/planter (depending on my mood this year!) out of an old light fixture from ReStore, some wire and some beads. Total cost ......... $5.13.

My garden is surrounded by some beautifully flat farmland. Makes for great growing. But the vast expanse of flatness doesn't add a lot of charm to a garden. I often long for stone walls, tall hedges and beautiful vertical elements in the garden.

So out of our stash of stuff .... we created this.

An old porch post, 2 old cast iron brackets and a copper cap from Menards. I'll show you the end result in a couple of weeks with the new hanging baskets, planted and blooming away.

That's all from Miss Eff's for today. Now its time to get some bread baked!


Sherry said…
Exciting stuff. I love the hanging planter idea. I am making something similar- I don't know what to call it yet - that will raise a pot in my little shaded area. It also needs some height. I'll post it when it is finished.
hickchick said…
Oooh you have nice dirt! Nice dark loamy stuff, now I'm envious!
clink said…
Thanks for noticing my dirt!!!

Yea .... all of our property is like that. That garden has an incredible secret though. It was the cattle lot over 50 years ago.

We have continued to amend it with compost and chicken manure.

We fill the runs in the fall with 18-20" of leaves and let the chickens work through them all winter. You get this incredible leaf mold that is beautiful black and crumbly. And it... sort of .... keeps the runs dry.
Great post! I stumbled upon your blog, and you had me at "preaching the gospel of Michael Pollan." I love him!

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