The Chicks of North Scott..................

The view from my little corner of the world has changed in the 14 years that I have lived in North Scott County. There were nicely manicured lawns with concrete lawn ornaments. Maybe fake deer or a pig. But nothing ever moved except for an occasional dog. You might hear some cattle. Or see a horse.

But most barnyards were empty. Hogs sheds were crumbling. Gardens were filled with weeds. And when I got chicks in 2002, there were empty chicken coops everywhere.

Boy ... have times changed!

Our little neighborhood has gone to the birds!

In less than a mile .......... this was what I encountered.

First of all ..... a traffic jam. Just like in the big city, traffic squealed to a halt!!!

Street walking ducks!!!! What is this world coming to???? If they are not careful, they will end up here.

These three were loitering in a cattle pasture and quickly scurried away once they saw me! They knew they could be accused of trespassing.

And then .... there was this guy. He was on the corner ... watching his girlfriend.

She only had eyes for him!

But this poor girl. Abandon. Alone. Walking the sides of the road. It was like an old Helen Reddy song! Looking for love.... she came right up to the car to tell me her woes.

Yea ..... there are a lot more bird brains in the neighborhood. Backyard poultry have been making a comeback. The yards may not be as neatly manicured. But I have to admit, I feel much more at home!!!


corinne said…
Oh good, I am not the ONLY crazy neighbor, WHEW!
Barb said…
Watched Food, Inc. last night on PBS. I told everyone I came into contact with yesterday to watch it. After watching that (finally made myself do this, although it was like preaching to the choir in this household) and then reading your blog I am so glad people are starting to populate their pastures and patios with poultry! :o) There is a movement afoot, thank goodness and maybe someday Monsanto and their kind will be a distant bad memory.
P.S. my word verification if "phytt"...maybe that is what we want to have happen to the big food corporations?!?!? ;-}

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