Easy Come................

Well, the media is all abuzz about the economic indicators. Consumer confidence is up. Consumer spending is up. Employment is creeping up. Things are looking much better than they did in January of 2009.

When economy was going south, Honey's employer let 25% of their work staff go. Honey held on and kept his job.

When the job cuts didn't help .... the employer canceled reviews and cut wages across the board by 10%.

For the last year, we have been living on the same salary that Honey made in 1993 ... doing the same job for a different employer. Unfortunately, the utility bill, the phone bill, the insurance payment and the groceries are at 2010 levels.

But we scrimped. We juggled. We put off repairs and purchases. We made do. And we did without.

So the notice that the 10% salary cut would be restored, starting May 1st, was met with a great deal of celebration at Miss Effie's.

The plans and ideas were running through our heads! I increased our savings plan. We discussed household repairs. And we decided to get a routine maintenance project done on my car.

We called ahead .... how much will this cost?? An answer was given. An appointment was scheduled. And a bill for three times the estimate was presented!!!!


Easy go.


Michelle said…
Oh, I'd fuss about that BIG time!
Michelle said…
...I think my argument would be, "That wasn't an ESTIMATE, it was a COME-ON!"
melanie said…
You should go after them like you go after the Corn growers/HFCS folks...

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