I think that tractor is sexy!

OK -- you may want diamonds. Or a cruise to the Caribbean. You may want a new BMW.

Me .............. I want a tractor.

Not just any tractor. But an Allis-Chalmers G. Yea .... I want that tractor.

The one in the picture is a brand new 1952 (?) Allis G that has never been sold. It is owned by a dealership in Mt. Pleasant Iowa. Yes ..... the sign does say Please stay off of the Tractor. But you know what a rebel I am!

Then today .... I find a Craigs List ad for a Allis G. And I want to know where that winning Powerball ticket is!!!!!

If there is a fairy godmother, please disregard my request of 50 years ago about the pink ballet slippers. An orange tractor would be nice.

Cuz I'd look good on that!!!!!!!!


BlueGate said…
No way...you found not one, but two??
I've been looking for one for the past 4 years! So if your fairy godmother accidentally delivers both of them, I'd be more than happy with your seconds : )
You go girl! I'm believing you'll have one, an orange one, and you'll look great on it. Over the years I've made requests that made my relatives scratch their heads...a sledgehammer for Christmas, a load of dirt for my birthday. One year I asked for Lowes gift cards of any increment. They think I'm nuts, but isn't this more fun than diamonds?
Love the tractor Miss Effie...I always try them all out at the State Fair! And look at all those tractor adds on your Google ads now. ;-)

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