Ova Overload...................

I have too many embryos. OK -- so they are chicken eggs. Lots of chicken eggs. Way too many chicken eggs. Chicken eggs everywhere.

Here an egg. There an egg. Everywhere an egg, egg!

Want some??? Call me. Email me. Use smoke signals. Mega-egg discounts!

You do have to pick them up on the farm. Its a busy time of year for Miss Eff. Only thing she does is pick up more plants that immediately need to get in the ground. Needless to say ... she is on her hands and knees....... and can't get up!

The never-ending search for recipes that use massive amounts of eggs, continue.

Tonight --it is one of the classics. Quiche. But quiche with a twist.

My friends made this quiche.

On Saturday, I was blessed by the bountiful gifts of so many friends. So tonight, those gifts became supper.

John and Maggie gave me some green onion sausage. Oh yum!!! So that is the base of the quiche. I sauteed some crimini mushrooms and did a quick wilting of the kale that my friend Jill gave me. Then I added the sun-dried tomatoes she gifted me.

Then I drove 3 whole miles to buy the BEST cheddar in the USA. Milton Creamery's Prairie Breeze..... my friend Gwen and Allens Grove Greenhouse are wholesalers for Rufus and family.
Maggie also made me some sour cream so I used that with a little Picket Fence Creamery milk to thin down all those eggs. (Anything small went in....... 9 eggs!)

The crust was a savory crust with fresh thyme from the garden. And then another Picket Fence product ... fresh creamery butter.

Yea .... even Honey gave the two-thumbs up approval! And he is not a quiche fan!

Thanks for supper, dear friends. Next time ... join us!!!


Laura said…
I want some eggs!! Also, I want to road trip to Serendipity with you sometime!!
Beth said…
Yes. Yes. Yes. I would love some eggs. My email is thehost55@hotmail.com. Let me know the best way to get them from you.

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