Trying to keep up................

Bear with me, guys. Its that time of the year.

My posts get farther and farther apart, the pile of laundry gets taller, the dust in the house gets deeper and the need for Advil explodes. (Can I get that in an IV with my coffee???) Yes ...... it is spring at Miss Eff's.

And in the midst of it all ........ I don't have clue what I am doing!!!

Yep .... that's what my gardens look like this time of year. I wish I could show you beautifully manicured gardens. Not yet!!! And until our gravel road hardens up a little .... there will be no semis full of mulch coming up our lane! So I try to clean things up a bit .... pull out the dead annuals, cut back the perennials, brighten the corners up with some fresh paint, a new pillow, maybe a birdbath or two.

One of my favorite ReStore light fixture finds..... on a porch post with some dark red stain. I'm using a lot of that color this year!

Hey! I had to buy a quart..... Waste not, Want not! Don't take a nap at our place right now... you may end up with some red paint on ya! If it doesn't move ...... it could be Colonial Red!

Oh wait ...... I can do green too! Sage green (or as all my Freight House friends would call it ..... Darcy green!!!!!) I have a large collection of old garden hand tools that I have collected....... its time to put them to use. Many of them are not in great working order or uncomfortable to use. So they will be used on signs.

And the flower .... a planter plate with a croquet ball that has been cut in half. All in my junk bin/ barn! Whatever you want to call it! We can find a use for anything ..... if we only can find it!

I am using singular tense on all my signs .... in contrast to the plural that is everywhere!!!

Really .... herb??? In that garden alone ... there is dill, chives, caraway, bay, parsley, oregano, thyme, basil, fennel, tarragon, lemon balm, garlic chives, and rosemary. Not a singular herb in the bunch!

So there will be a few more signs in the next week or so.

But its not all work at Miss Eff's................

Saturday, I got to go to Bunny Palooza at the Freight House Farmer Market and host the bunnies. I saw many of my favorite customers.

Including these two gals................ Mazie and Charlie. Mazie still wants a bunny. I can understand that!! (Honey ..........please???????)

With all the hustle and bustle at the farm, teaching classes, doing speeches, planting at the Allens Grove Greenhouse,working retail, and the aches and pains of getting older ..... I have to remind myself exactly why I do this.

Its those two little girls and many like them ...... and beautiful gifts from the Lord.

Life is very very good at Miss Eff's.


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