Change in plans........

Ever notice how things just ........ evolve ....... when you are gardening? Like you are digging away and you decide that this plant would look so much better there?

Well -- construction has begun on the Summer Kitchen. (Truth alert .... Honey has dug up and moved the phone line to a safe place and one hole is dug. Period! But it is a start!) I had planted three little hostas 10-12 years ago. In reality... I probably bought one because of my incredibly cheap nature and divided it as I planted.

Now ... 10 years later, these hostas are frickin' HUGE!!!! Ok -- maybe not Sum and Substance huge but big enough.

Let me give you a quick gardening lesson. Never. Never. Never buy (you know, pay with cash) a hosta. Make friends with a gardener with a shady lot. Pick out the ones you like.... and wait. Soon enough they will be dividing and you will never have spent a dime. And you will have more friends cuz other people will be looking at your yard.

So I started dividing........ and I put 4 hostas here.

And I planted 5 hostas in this garden.

And I started a new bed .... yea, I could have thrown them away. But you know how cheap I am.

So, now what am I going to do with this ONE daylily???????


Leigh said…
I'm enjoying reading your blog. What to do with one daylily? Why, the same thing you do with one hosta. Plant it, sit back, and wait for it to multiply!
I love hosta and daylilies. And iris. We're planning to split up almost all our plants and move them to our new plant. I know we'll save a bundle in landscaping on the next house.
Beth said…
I'll take it!
Miss Effie said…
Beth ... part of it will be yours!! It is a beautiful pink ruffled daylily called Chicago Petticoats.

And Kim ... when you close on your new house... come out. We are doing a lot of digging and dividing this summer. I would love to share some plants with you!
Beth said…
Wonderful. I have some day lilies but none that are pink. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. The weather looks perfect. Now to make the cakes!

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