Contention Creek was being .... well, contentious.

(That's our house on top of the hill ... tucked in among the trees.)

When we have 95 degree days in Iowa during the months of May and June .... they lead to thunderstorms. The hot humid air hits the cool air coming from Canada ... and up pops a thunderstorm.

I love a good thunderstorm. The thunder rolling in the background. The rain falling straight down so I can sit on the porch and listen to it.

What I don't like is a micro-burst storm. We got about 3" of rain in little more than an hour yesterday. I'm not really sure of the amount. The rain was so fast... so furious .... it knocked the rain gauge upside down.

That brings me to Contention Creek. Contention Creek is a sleepy little creek (pronounced crick) that ambles its way to the Wapsipinicon River (known affectionately across Iowa as the Wapsi) . It runs directly north of our home.......... less than a quarter of a mile away.

(Just a bit of Iowa trivia.... the Wapsipinicon river runs through Stone City, Iowa. Stone City was the inspirational artist community started by Grant Wood.)

Contention Creek will occasionally go out of its banks....... but never like this.

Conservation is important to our neighbors as they farm. But in spite of no-till methods of farming, bumper strips and grassy waterways.............

Iowa's Black Gold .... our beautiful rich topsoil is on its way to the Gulf Coast. We are sure going to miss it.


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