I am so not a Fashionista!

Ok -- so fashion may not be my strong suit. Well -- at least, not April through October.

Early spring is the worst! I swear I roll around in the mud! But I have yet to figure out a better way to plant plugs than on my hands and knees.

Therefore ...... my jeans always look like that! Shout, Shout Stick, and a soaking in Biz.... then an extra-heavy duty wash in hot water with an extra rinse. Then .... I have clean dirt rubbed into my jeans!!

Some people have asked why I don't wear shorts when I am planting in the garden. 1) It is still cold -- today I am lucky ... I don't have long underwear on. 2) When I was a child, my mother would scrub my dirty knees with Comet.

Yea ... I do still have nightmares over that one! How did you know?????

But back to the fashion show..................

I do have hand-knit socks made out of hand-spun wool on!! I get points for that one, don't I??

I thought so.


Barb said…
I was out weeding today, on my hands and knees, in the soft, sandy dirt in my black stretchy pants, my old, ratty sweat shirt and my bendy Amish straw hat. I had dirt on my face and in my hair from pulling weeds that flung dirt back at me. A lady from my fiber guild decides to stop by since she was in the neighborhood dropping off a fleece at the fiber mill. I kicked off my boots, brushed off as much dirt as I could from my knees, butt and hair and asked if she wanted some tea. She was "dressed down" in a clean white v-neck shirt and jeans the likes of which haven't seen a home here in a long while....sigh. We had some really good tea (English Westminter black and Pineapple Mango black) and a good conversation. Why doesn't anyone ever stop when my house or my person is clean? What I am trying to say is that I totally relate to your knees! Kindred Spirits, me thinks.
Ruralrose said…
You are beautiful! Peace

ps excellent writing by Barb here, i am a dirty girl too to my proper mother's chagrin !
Big, big points for those socks!
BlueGate said…
All hail the dirty knees and double hail the hand-knit socks! Can I suggest good tile-layers knee pads? They're most helpful, and you get the extra bonus of using them as a soil scoop as you shuffle forward on them : )
clink said…
Jill --I do have knee pads. 2 prs in fact. Cheap gardener-type ones ... I can find those but they are AWFUL! And good rug-man-type..... which are buried in the garage... somewhere.

I'll be glad when the new vuilding gets started, completed so we can un-box everything we packed away!

I think I am down to about 1500 plants to go ... I'll survive.
hickchick said…
practical gardening question? How to prevent or failing that, clean the dirt ground into hands. I HATE gloves. But when Monday comes around I need to look scrubbed pink again. Is there a hand cream to put on before hand? I will need to find gloves I can live with -or continue to use a scrub brush and bleach every Sunday night :)
PS your socks rock!
Leigh said…
Hi. Someone recommended your blog to me and I've been visiting for a short while. I can't remember if I've commented yet or not(!) Anyway, you look perfectly dressed to me! Of course my garden jeans look just like that, and I love my handknit socks. And those are my kind of shoes!
Ginny said…
Miss Effie, My feet use to get scrubed with Comet, still remember those nights!!
Anonymous said…
Hey Kathy, Randy gave me some knee pads with handles to push yourself up with your arms. Knees don't get dirty and arm exercise! I didn't have Corbin today, his other grandparents wanted him so I did a lot of yardwork! Will have you over soon!! Pam

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