Life happens.................

Every so often, I hear the statement .... How do you do it all?

There is only one simple answer ... I don't.

I don't. I don't. I don't.

At this moment, I am certain the dirty laundry is going to overtake the laundry room. And the dust bunnies from the furry creatures that live here .... are taking over the world. Yea .... I'm just going to let them do it.

The dust bunnies that attacked Donahue. It's part of the evil garden temptress's plot!

But seriously, I don't get everything done that I am suppose to do. Case in point happened yesterday.

At the end of March, I got a notice and an application for jury duty. (First big no-no. Never! Never! Never! send me something 6 weeks ahead of time. Well ......... not in the spring!!)

So being the good citizen I am, I filled out the survey/application/questionnaire and promptly got it back into the mail. Score one for the old gal!!!

Then I have this form that says to call the court after 5pm the Friday before your jury duty date. I stuck it up on the refrigerator. BIG NOTE. Call the court on April 30 th.

You know the rest ................. I didn't. I forgot. Hell -- I don't even know what month it is, let alone what day.

So yesterday, I get a nasty-gram in the mail. I have been given 5 days to contact the court to explain why they shouldn't haul me off somewhere for contempt.

I call immediately. I explain that I have 8000 annuals to get into the ground and at least 5000 are sitting impatiently, screaming for contact with Iowa soil!!!!

This wonderful woman says......... What month would work for you? I say November!! And November, it is.

This is the part where I profusely thank her for being so kind. And in the usual Miss-Eff-way, I offer her a free bucket of flowers whenever she wants.

Ohhh. Really??? I didn't mean to bribe an officer of the court.


Teri said…
HAHAHA! Thats just too funny Cathy! Of course I'm laughing because I totally understand (yes, ESPECIALLY the dust bunnies from all the fur creatures in the house) Take a deep breath of fresh country there.......isn't that all better?? Seriously, you're amazing with all that you DO get done! :o)
LOL! Love it! And you're right -- we don't get it all done. If only people saw my to-do list.

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