Snail's Pace..............

Ever feel like you are not making any progress?? You work and work and work all day ........ and nothing is DONE.

Welcome to my life!

There are so many big/little things to do. Rows and rows and rows to weed. Gardens to clean. Containers to plant. Beds to mulch. Perennials to divide and move. Soil to till.

And I will be working along and I actually think that I am making progress. Just another couple of days and I will be in good shape, I say. And then ........ it rains. Or I do laundry. Or cook a meal. Or scrub the bathroom.

And suddenly ......... I'm way behind again.

(Which in reality means ........ I wasn't anywhere close to being done!!!)

Yesterday, I started outside at 7:30 and quit a little before 9 last night. And the list of true accomplishments is ................. pretty durn short!

The area that I agonize the most about in the garden is the fluffing. Fluffing is a highly (Yea. Right.) technical interior design term from my Ethan Allen days.

We designers were kept in a backroom ... and were called out when clients came into the gallery. But once in a while, we were let out to "Fluff". Make things look pretty.

Well--- Fluffing is what I try to do in the garden. Fun, whimsical little areas that are just a little different from the average garden center/farm/agri-entertainment business. The longer I am in business ... the harder it is to come up with something new/different/unique.

One thing I do is steal. Yep. You have a good idea and I see it ......... Hey, Baby- it is mine! It may be in an antique shop, thrift store, internet, farm or your blog.

But I will give you credit. And the inspiration for this idea came from Kim. (If you don't read Kim's blog, you should. Besides being very creative, she is really funny!)

I have three hanging baskets on the little gazebo. They needed new liners... either the coco liners or sphagnum moss. I had neither. But I did have this .............................

Burlap! I really wasn't sure how it was going to work in these 16" hanging baskets. But 2 weeks and 3" of rain later ........... it is working great!!!!

So thanks to Kim for a great cheap idea that is a little out of the ordinary. I will be showing more gardening fluffing in the next few posts.

Any idea what the statue of limitations is on creative idea theft?????????????


angie said…
love it!!! love it lots!!!
Anonymous said…
OLÁ. que bela ideia a da floreira, esta super originasl,amo a suas casinhas para os passaros. gosto de tudo ou quase que tem no seu blog. Bom final de semana muito amor e luz em vossas vidas

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