There are three things one should never do in life.

1) Drunk dial an ex-boyfriend at 2 am.
2) Tell your boss exactly what you do think.
3) Blog when you are having a snarky day.

I'm breaking rule number 3!

I am having a snarky day. Yea ... I know. It's not really a word but it sure does describes my mood. SNARKY!

I feel like I can't please anyone. Including myself. I want to weep and growl and reach out and bite someone!

Case in point .... a woman calls and wants to use the corn-zebo for an evening event. Great!! When would you like to book it and do you want to use the grill? And by the way ... rental for an evening event is $25.


I am not a park. This is my home. I will have vintage tablecloths to wash and iron. I will have chairs to dust and put away. I will have to set things up ... just the way you want them. And I will have to have my bathroom available to you. I will stay up until you leave, clean up and I will make.... (drum roll, please) $25.

And this is how I make my mortgage payment, pay the light bill and buy groceries.

Yea ...... I am being snarky.

So after my attempt to "rip off the public!" .... I go to write checks for the above listed bills. Hmmmm......... more envelopes to open but there is no more money in the account. I'll have my banker call the above listed woman.

Yea ........ I am being snarky.

So I work on an event for Miss Eff's. Then I find out it is the same day as a family reunion. In the 14 years I've been around the family.... we have never been to this reunion. And I'm pretty certain we weren't going this year! But how could I possibly schedule something then?

Yea ......... I am being snarky.

It is cold and rainy and I feel like crying. Being snarky makes me cry.

So I cruise some of my favorite blogs. And I find this. And now ........... I really cry.

This incredible group of four women, Leslie, Sarah, Beth and Tesi, have come into my life and embraced me. They will never know how much they mean to me. They always brighten my day at just the right moment. They are smart and spiritual and loving and kind. And they are my friends.

I may not be snarky any more.


Michelle said…
Do you know that I love you and we haven't even met? Wonderfully tight hugs are called "bear hugs" by my Alaskan family; thinking some bear hugs from Oregon to you.
Farm-Raised said…
Well geez, now I'm all misty!! You really are fabulous, Cathy. And I personally think you should, and could, charge more. You're on the brink...not everyone here "gets it" quite yet, but surely they will come to a full understanding!!!
Barb said…
I do a bit of weaving and I have come to love the name-draft, or signature, weaving method of coming up with a pattern. A lady in our church asked if I could do a table runner for her parent's 50th wedding anniversary. She asked what I would charge for this. The process went through my head of my 4 harness loom, the six groups of rearranged letters of the alphabet to correspond with the 4 harnesses and plugging the six different arrangments of letters (four rows of letters in each grouping)comprised of their first/middle/last names into the computer program and either selecting the most pleasing pattern or letting the daughter choose, then the daunting task of measuring warp, warping the loom with the fine threads of the intricate pattern, then weaving in solitude so I could concentrate on the intricate treadling pattern, hemming the piece and washing and pressing it. I said, "$75.00?" She declined thinking that was just too steep a price.

$25.00? I'm afraid if that had been me your client was talking to I may have been referred to as something a little more substantial than "snarky". :o)

Abby said…
We all have those days, lady. My word when I was trying to run the csa and would get certain comments about price or veggies I couldn't help but bite back a bit. Folks don't seem to think that running a farm of any sort is *real* work or that we put more of ourselves into that work a lot of times than they do in their 9-5. Hang in there. I would pay $25 to use your corn zebo and I haven't even seen it :) Someday, though...
Beth said…
Well how absolutely kind are you. You are a blessing to me and my family. I was showing off your eggs to my parents this morning after scrambling some for the boys. And personally I think $25 is a steal. If you ever want some cookies for an event, let me know. I don't do much, but I have been told I have a pretty mean chocolate chip cookie. Peace to you. B
I don't think you're being snarky at all! That's a very reasonable price.
hotflawedmama said…
I have so many things to say about you, dear Cathy. But thank you for your beautiful words, and eggs, and flowers and presence!

Also, I think $25 is indeed a steal. Do you remember her name? I have connections who can bring her lapse in judgment to light. :)

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