So true ... so true.

On the infamous to-do list today ..............

Clean house.

This is so not going well. The corn-zebo is clean. Cupboard scrubbed -- floor vacuumed around the corn crib base. All the "outside" dishes washed and dried and settled in their summer home.
Tablecloths and napkins (bandanna handkerchiefs) washed and starched and ironed.

All I can do is quote Joel Salatin's wife in the movie Fresh.

If you have come to see me, have a seat. If you came to see my house, make an appointment!


Barb said…
I love the quote....I think I will post it outside my doors, both front and back. I worked on the house and front porch until midnight last night and have been outside all day today planting annuals, perennials and weeding as I go. I am standard summer look. However, now I need to get cleaned up...well, clean is relative this time of year... and head out to a graduation open house. No rest for the weary. Just a that things look kind of nice around here do you think I would have company??!!?? Ha!

Go put your feet up...maybe in the clean corn-zebo with a nice glass of wine and let the Iowa breeze massage those tired muscles.

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