Some things just live on.......................

You all heard my story about the fox in the hen house..... and in the duck run.

If not ... quick recap. A fox got one of my Anconas ducks one evening. So we started locking them up again at night. Then the fox got my last Indian Runner and the very last Ancona while locked in their run. Lucy, the little mini Silver Applewood, survived because she has been nesting in the composter and wasn't found by the fox.

We then locked Lucy in the run (totally enclosed) and let her sit.

I was beginning to think it was an exercise in futility. She would sit ..... and fluff her feathers .... and hiss at me when I looked at her.

And then today..... I looked at Lucy and her feathers .......... moved. And moved again. And moved again.

So far .... I have counted eight little tiny ducklings. Still a couple of eggs left to hatch. Definitely not purebred. But definitely cute.

And cute ducks are what it is all about!!!!


Teri said…
They are adorable! My new muscovey hen is laying on a clutch of eggs right now. Hope I get as lucky as you did! They are adorable!! :)
Oh my goodness. They are so cute.
Jen said…
So sweet. I'll have to bring the boy out to visit soon.
Beth said…
Thomas has continually asked questions about the fox in the hen house. I am sorry you have been having so much trouble but what beautiful life in this picture. Leslie dropped off our eggs. How can I thank you for providing such amazing food for my family. Know that every time we crack an egg in this house, we say out, "Thank you Ms. Cathy." Truly. Hope to head out your way to visit soon. Leaving for Ethiopia on June 9th. Say some prayers for us if you remember.
Chanin said…
Congratulations! I thought the fox had gotten her too. I'm glad to hear she is a mom. She is doing much better then her siblings. They are trying for the third time.

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