Buy, Sell or Trade.......

Back in the days of AM radio and little local radio stations, there were the Buy, Sell or Trade shows. The DJ would take calls for selling an old tractor or buying a pony or finding a recipe.

You would hear conversations that went like this.............. "I am Hannah. I am looking for the recipe for a rhubarb crumble ... not the one with Jello ... but the recipe with sour cream". And then ... miraculously, Edith would call with the recipe. A 1950's version of Google with a personal touch.

Well .... this is Miss Eff's version of Buy, Sell or Trade.

I have day lilies. Lots of day lilies. And they need to be in your garden, not mine. (Well -- parts are staying in my garden .... just not as many parts.) And these aren't your run of the mill orange day lilies..... I'm not sure what is coming from where .... but there are lots of pinks, purples, yellows... lots of ruffled edges. They are really nice day lilies.

And I have a project in mind. And I can't get it out of my mind so I have to go with it.

I need handkerchiefs. Lots of handkerchiefs. Pretty printed handkerchiefs. Like your grandmother or great aunt had. In fact, I had a great aunt that sent me a handkerchief every year for my birthday..... Aunt Fern, I blew it.... I should have kept them all!

I do have a few.... but not enough.

So ............... if you want to add pretty flowers in your garden, bring me a hankie. I know, its a silly trade but it will work for me.

Drop me a note ... send me a message on FaceBook ... or leave a comment. Then I don't have to look all over the radio dial for a Buy, Sell or Trade show.


armalu said…
Que flores lindas. Bom finalzinho de semana, muito amor e luz em sua vida
Abby said…
I collect vintage hankies, and I can't bear to part with any, or I'd help. On another note, though, I am pretty sure WHO has radio trade-o on Saturday mornings. Our little Marion Co station has their own version as well, but I think you should be able to get WHO in-aren't they supposed to be all over IA?

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