Can I get there from here........

This is 275th Street in rural Scott County.  This is the main thoroughfare from Long Grove to Dixon.  Most of the road has been paved but there is a 3 mile or so section, near Donahue that has remained gravel.

For years decades, we have heard that it is on the list to be paved.  And for years, nothing has been done.  But now, a new bridge is going in.   Newer, bigger, wider bridge so we have hopes that paving the road may truly be on the list.

(For the locals trying to get to the farm ..... take Saint Anne's road and go 1 mile south when you reach 130th Ave.)

But this bridge (or lack there of) seems to be a metaphor for my life and business at the moment.

I packed my bags .... I checked the car .... I'm ready for the trip ....... and then I discover that the bridge is out.

I was ready to go but now, what do I do?  Do I turn around and go home?  Or do I do a Dukes of Hazzard routine and fly that General Lee over the creek???

Am I overly cautious with my business or do I plunge head-first into a new path????  Or is there a good detour???

I am certain this is the road that God wants me on.  I know this is where I can make a difference.  But I fear the road blocks.  I fear jumping the creek.  And is the detour right for me?

I want a newer, bigger, wider bridge in my life.

So -- how do you overcome the obstacles of your life?????


Michelle said…
I sit there and stare at them for awhile, and then usually go busy myself with things on my to-do list.... :-/

I don't, as my WV says, "licadog"! hee
Teri said…
First a little whining. Then prayer, a little more whining followed by prayer........and more prayer. :)
Barb said…
I ignore it all and read your blog.
fullfreezer said…
Sometimes you need to take the leap of faith, bridge of not, and trust that what you FEEL is the right path is the right path after all. I've done that a few times and it has always worked out. If it is right- it will work. But, let me tell you, it's a terrifying leap!

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