Crispy around the edges.

This first brief note is for all my friends that call when I haven't posted for a couple of days..... I'm OK.  I'm fine.  Honey is fine.  We are simply recovering from a weekend of 90+ temperatures.

OMG! Friday was bad but Saturday ..... I seriously boiled the brain!! Way too much sun.  My poor face was burnt to a crisp... even with sunscreen and a hat. By the end of the day ...(Noon -- the day should end at noon!!!)......... I was exhausted, brain dead, and in need of embalming!

Which brings me to ......... farmer tans.

I love these gals with beautifully even tans.  You know the girls.... they can wear any dress, any shirt and look great cuz that tan is perfect. Yes ... I know most of those tans came out of a bottle or a booth.  But they are perfect tans.

That is not me!  I haven't quit wearing jeans yet as I am weeding all day !  On my knees.  And dirty jeans are one thing .. dirty knees, something else. Yea ... I have nice tan arms and shoulders.  Yes ... my face has a very rosy glow. (Like a beacon at the airport!) My ankles even have a pretty tan.  But my calves and thighs are......... the color of new fallen snow.

But the most surprising tan lines that I have are ..........


(First of all ... forgive the dirty feet!  Then realize that they are in desperate need of a pedicure that they will never get!  And to top it off ..... they are tiny little chubby feet with useless toes!)

Those are not bug bites.

They are tan lines ........... from these shoes.

So when you see me in the next issue of Glamour Magazine with a big black bar across my face.......

Yea ... that's Miss Eff.  I've wanted to be in a national magazine.  Does being a Glamour-Don't count?


Oh my, your feet look just like mine! Crocs are wonderfully comfortable to work in, but the tan lines are something else!
Christine said…
ROTFL! I've had those same lines! :)

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