Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

I had an interesting question today on the farm.

Do you hang clothes on the clothesline just for the effect?


Have we gone so far away from a simple eco-friendly lifestyle that hanging clothes out means that I am a freak of nature? (Don't answer that!!!)

Thank goodness, they didn't notice the hand-knit socks. That might have sent them over the top!


hotflawedmama said…
If you are then so am I!!! :)

Cheers to freaks of nature!
I don't hang out clothes outside, but I do hang lots inside. I don't know... I'm on a busy street... maybe someday I'll get a clothesline outside. ;)

And, I don't think you're a freak of nature.
Jen said…
And today was the day to do it. It's been so humid and rainy it's nearly impossible to dry the laundry.
ngharr said…
How do you sleep on sheets that Haven't been hung out on a line?
BlueGate said…
LOL! My snarky side would have replied, "Yes, I just pick out some things I don't need and hang them up. I try to rotate them about one a week so the clothes don't wear out in the sun and wind." ;)
clink said…
What was amazing was this was the purple and red crowd. I would have thought they would understand the principles of laundry.

I was snarky, Jill. I asked how they did laundry.

Thanks everyone for your vote of confidence ... I'll continue to hang my laundry out.

This ... was after I was told how very far out of town we are. (6 miles from Davenport city limits.)

Farm = rural

Easy concept to me!

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