June showers??????

This is the way our sky has looked lately. Rain. Rain. And more rain.

My garden squishes beneath my feet and our yard is crying out to be baled. At the same time, the sump pump runs constantly so the cellar doesn't need bailing. It has been a tough spring.

Work on the Summer Kitchen has been interrupted for weather delays.

This brings me to an "I don't get it moment!". Everyone understands weather delays in baseball. The game was rained out .... they understand it. Rain in my garden ..... not so much!

Classic story happened last year. We received 6" of rain in 2 days. Blossoms had beaten down by the rain. Petals were like wet tissue paper. And the stems ... literally exploding by the amount of water they were taking in! A customer called, wanting to get flowers. I told her of the situation in the garden ... mud, water, muck..... and she said "Does rain make a difference?" She was serious.

Yes, Virginia.... rain does make a difference.

But .... today..... we might just have a break in the clouds. So I took a walk through the garden and found these beauties.

Yea ... these are today's favorites.

I can't wait for these Black-eyed Susans to fill the front of the barn. I love the yellow against the red barn.

Profusion zinnias .... short ... not good cuts but great container plants. And I am thrilled with their clear bright colors.

This is a tiny little clematis blossom but it is really a cutie.

The cotton candy of flowers.... the filipendula will be blooming for a very short time in the garden.

Wait.... did I say those other pink lilies were my favorite???? Decisions. Decisions. I think you should cut both.

I know the main cutting bed is not at its glory. But there are so many beautiful flowers.... I am blessed and thankful to see moments like this. I'm glad I got to share them with you.


What is WITH all this crazy rain? Your flowers are looking gorgeous. I've been loving the lilies in our garden beds. Just gorgeous.
I loooooooove those pink lilies! I have orange, yellow and a very deep red in my flower beds, and I love those too, but that pink is to die for.

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