Just a little paint...........

When I was a child, we used to go to the Illinois State Fair.  And as we would drive along, there was an old farm house that we would see every year.  It hadn't been painted in decades! (Sounds/looks familiar?)  It was worn and old looking.  But you could see beautiful gingerbread trim on the porch.  And the shingle work on the peaks was lovely.

I would look at it and say ....... All it needs is a little paint.

At which time, my parents would look at me and laugh. (I came to old houses early in life!)

Year after year, we would drive by the house and I would say the same thing ...... All it needs is a little paint.

And Lord and behold, one year......... someone saw what I saw and painted it.  And all of its beauty and potential showed through.

I became a true believer in the power of the paint brush!

Saturday, after this event, we lost two decorative pots that sat at the end of the steps.  Now those pots were foam pots but in the past, I have had terracotta, fiberglass and ceramic pots.  All have come to horrible ends when a car will back into them.  I have learned by lesson ........ looks are great but durability is better! 

Besides, the replacement bargains that I could have gotten at Retail-Hell are long gone and the containers at the fancy-pants garden centers are much too rich for my blood!!!!

So it was time to become creative.

Honey had placed the smashed-to-smithereens pots in large black plastic landscape pots .... they probably came from the apple trees we planted last year.

Hmmmm...... those don't look too bad.  There is potential in those black pots. But what could I do???

Well -- spray paint for plastic came through for me.  $4.39 later, I've got these.

Reuse -- Reduce -- Recycle.  As Martha would say .... its a good thing.


Teri said…
Cathy - Those paints for plastic are terrific aren't they? I've got many of those pots that size (I can't bring myself to throw any of them away). I'm glad to see how well the paint makes yours look. I'll have to try it on some of mine. Have a great (hopefully drier) day!
I've never thought of painting plastic!! I have a couple plastic pots that just aren't doing it for me...this would be great. Thanks for the tip!!
Tammy said…
They look better than new! Nice job. I use allot of 'old junk' around here as pots, esp. old metal pots or buckets that have rusted out. I saw somewhere on the nets where they made 'terra cotta' looking planters out of paving stones--somehow glued them together and then painted them. They were attractive but I'm sure more expensive than 4.39.

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