My customers bring me joy........................

There are people that just make you smile.  On the left, is my dear friend Kelsey.  Kelsey and her mom (Molly) and not-so-little sister, Brenna, have been coming to the farm since day one. So for nine seasons I have had the honor of watching Kelsey grow up.

Kelsey is an opera student (soon-to-be opera star ..... bet on that one!) and came home from Oklahoma for a visit.  This time, she brought her friend Amelia to the farm. (We will talk about Amelia in a few minutes .... and that awesome dress!)

Kelsey has always "gotten" the farm.  It must seem special to her as she seems to come back time after time.

She is an amazing young woman .... full of talent.  She recently competed for Miss Oklahoma (Miss America pageant)  Although she didn't win -- she is back on the pageant circuit again -- and applying all that she has learned.  She has worked at an orphanage in Ghana.  She is advocating for an educational program for youth about dealing with Alzheimer's disease.  She has performed at dinner theatre and community playhouses.  She funny, generous and smart.

And 9 years ago, she told me that she is getting married on the farm.  Fortunately, she hasn't found the right guy yet.  (That means I still have plenty of time to weed!!!)  And we will have the wedding on the farm if Kelsey wants it here.  We will be so very very honored.

So on this visit... she brought her friend Amelia.  Amelia is a creative writing major that aspires to work at National Public Radio.  (OK -- I love her already!) And that awesome dress.... her mother wore it in 1968 to her rehearsal dinner.

They made me laugh.... they made me cry.  They are wonderful young women that make us proud.

Thank you for sharing part of a day with an old farm woman.  You definitely brighten my day!!!


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