Nail It, Honey!!!


Welcome to the Summer Kitchen!

Yep... that is the front door of the Summer Kitchen.  Maybe you noticed, it is just an arms-length away from the tea cup tree.  It will be so handy to harvest them right off the tree.... particularly since there will be such goodies inside.  But more of that later!

First ... a little more of a tour.

This is a small window ... it will be over the sink.  It is a tiny cute antique window that we have had -- with three little windows.  It is a stationary window but sooooooo cute.  And of course, the sink is an old metal sink cabinet with a porcelain sink and drain board.  Very much a farmhouse look.  That will get a paint job in the very near future.

Speaking of farmhouse looks ........ the Summer Kitchen is not your typical out-of-a-box shop.  No ... Honey has a great sense of style so the Summer Kitchen has a Classic-L Farmhouse look and feel.

If you aren't sure what a Classic-L farmhouse is..... well, here it is in 1927!!!!

This is the bay window/bump-out area. There will be a solar heat panel under the window to give a little heat during the winter .... plus a nice air-flow system to help cool things off in the summer.

As I try to explain to people ... the Summer Kitchen is a small local retail store.  I mean local.... real local.  So if I can walk and get merchandise, I might just have it in the store.

We will have a fridge full of Miss Effie's Pretty Eggs from Pretty Chickens.  You just don't find those everywhere!  There will be shelves full of jams and jellies.  Today, Emily made a batch of bluebarb jam.  And then she made a ginger-mint lemonade concentrate.  Next week, it will be ginger-mint syrup.

I will be harvesting flowers to dry from ladders ..... hanging from the ceiling.  Baskets of dried flowers will be hold gomphrena, statice, yarrow and strawflowers. Fresh herb bouquets will greet you .... sitting in jars on the table as you walk in the door.  Herb teas and mixes will fill jars.

And above that door will be a hat rack ... full of vintage straw hats for you to borrow as you walk through the gardens.  Except one .... and that will be my favorite one.  (I just have to decide on that!!!!)

I can see it all in those walls.  It will take time.  It will take effort.  But in the end, it will be perfect.

Because some way, some how ... magic has a way of appearing at Miss Eff's.


Barb said…
I am so hoping we will be able to stop by in July to visit/tour your lovely place. I would love to do this before the family reunion and take a nice bouquet to my Aunt Marge. Fingers crossed.
corinne said…
OMG!! Such progress! I can't believe how it is shaping up, especially given the weather that we have been dealing with.

You have more walls than Les Nessman now!!

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