Opening Day ..................

Nine seasons and counting! We have been open for nine whole seasons.

For the last 6 weeks ..... I have been a wreck. Yea. Every rainfall, every cold snap, every stretch of above-average temperatures...... I have been a wreck.

I would bite my fingernails down to the quick ... if only I had fingernails! (I garden ... no nails!)

I go through this every year. Just ask Honey. He hears it all.

"What if the flowers drown?"

"What if the flowers don't grow?"

"What if the flowers don't bloom?"

"What if no one comes?"

"What if they don't like Miss Eff?"

I am a classic worrier.

So I am always grateful to have that very first day under my belt.

We started the morning with a party in the corn-zebo.

These are our newest thrift store finds. Cute, aren't they?????? I just love dishes!!!!

I am not much of a "snack set" owner .... but when I saw these! They are sunflowers... and again, thrift store bargains. Service for four .... a whopping $1.50!

We layer tablecloth on top of tablecloth. And of course, none of the silver or crystal match. Yikes .... that was bit of a stretch. The crystal .... straight from the thrift stores again... the most expensive piece was 88 cents!

Got to deck the whole place up!

Eight forever friends came today for lunch.... they laughed. I loved hearing the laughter echo through the gardens. To listen to them .... is like listening to Nancy and Debbie and Cynthia and Deb.... old friends from high school and college that mean so very much to me.

And if Miss Effie's can offer a place to relax and giggle and laugh and just, be.................... then all my worries are worth it.

Its going to be a wonderful season! Thank you for sharing your lives with me.


What do you have available for cutting? My cutting bed is still pretty sparse.
clink said…
Kathleen ... we are pretty sparse. We have Asiatic lilies, lady's mantle, delphinums, yarrow, lambs ear, an occasional peony, clematis, larkspur, baby's breath, purple bouquet dianthus and snaps. I also have very short cosmos and calendula blooming.

But things are budding fast furiously ... I took the plunge and set a date. I can't hold the lilies.
hotflawedmama said…
Miss Eff that looks beautiful! I'm literally looking through my calendar to see what kind of party I could possibly plan to have it out there. I love everything about it, most especially the hostess! :)
Carol said…
If I had known you would like snack sets, I could have donated 2. Maybe you should come to my garage for some thrifting!!
Oh that looks just wonderful Miss Eff!! I too have a VERY soft spot for dishes....thrifted ones especially! I can't wait to visit!!
Barb said…
It all looks so lovely and inviting. I have two boxes of snack sets upstairs in the back of the closet. Mom used to use them all the time for Tupperware parties in the 60's. I will have to wade through all the other treasures stored up there and get them out. Thanks for reminding me.
Miss Eff, to be among your close knit galfriends, having a cackle, sipping some of your strawberry lemonade (spiked)would be a blast. The clematis everywhere has really inspired me to plant a few. God bless your hard workin' hands and generous spirit sister!

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