Reaching for the sky....

I don't know if you have noticed but Miss Eff is pretty durn short! Like really short. Like .... I-don't-make-Mickey's-hand short! A little more shrinkage and I will have a booster seat to sit on when I drive!

So I am impressed by tall climbing things like vines. Plants that start out little and grow and grow and grow. Very un-like Miss Eff.

I really like clematis. I can't even begin to count how many I have on the farm. I seem to be constantly adding another one.

So if you are only accustom to Jackmanii clematis..... take another look. I'll take you on a tour.

This one climbs up a ladder into the tree ..... it is surrounded by lilies, hostas and delphinums.

This one has tiny tiny flowers. It is very vigorous as it is really climbing up the fence and it is only its second year.

Finally, I am beginning to get the gazebo look that I dreamed of ....with the clematis twining its way up the sides.

This is one of my favorites .... it is actually a great cut. It has been used in numerous bouquets. It blooms a long time but not through out the entire season. What a great shade of blue!

This is new this year. Not quite as red as I hoped for but still very very pretty.

This was described as vigorous .... which means it will grow quickly and climb on everything! Ah.... a two year old boy!!!!! Well -- that it is! It is Avant-Garde. It desperately needs a new trellis.... the discarded piece of ladder is much too small. And this is only after one year! It is just covered in blooms.

Betty Corning doesn't have the problem of out-growing its trellis. Betty is slow deliberate and beautiful.

And finally...............

The granddaddy of them all ... Jackmanii. A gift from my dear friend Dan Mays (aka..Buffalo Bill to my wedding guests!) this clematis grows on a trellis of hedge posts and barbed wire. But now it uses the support of neon orange lilies.... the orange against the purple is amazing. It should be in bloom next week.

The farm opens on Wed ... June 9th. We are still a little rough around the edges. The Summer Kitchen is under-construction at this time. And some of the gardens aren't quite ready for prime time.... but pull a weed and find a flower!

But as always...... Miss Eff and her flowers (including the clematis!) will be happy to greet you.

Just don't make fun of her being so short!


hickchick said…
Cute post-thanks for the look around your place!

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