Scenes from Miss Effie's..........

There is so very much to show you today.

First of all ........ the first lisianthus of the year bloomed! Yea ... it was a little short. And it was pure white. But it was the first!  And it is gone!

The first zinnia of the year bloomed.  And again, it is gone! 
So do you want to know where they went?

 Kelly won this battle of the buckets!

The flowers above are Heather's.  She will win the next round.... I am certain on that!!!

In wildlife news ... lots of new birds are showing up at Miss Effie's.
Remember this picture?

Yep ... we now have these little guys!

And then late this afternoon, we found this guy.  I was a little worried.  He didn't move as I approached him or even took his picture up close.  But soon after he gave me a fantastic photo opportunity, he was on his way.

This is a baby sparrow hawk or kestrel.  And, yea, on this one ... I was that close.

So after a day in the warm sunshine and gentle breezes.  After seeing customers cut and marvel over every blossom ..... I get to experience this. I am so incredibly blessed and thankful for these moments.
Ain't nature grand?????????


fullfreezer said…
LOVE the hawk picture- that must have been fantastic to be that close. The flowers are lovely. My mutant Zahara zinnia bloomed earlier this week. It looked quite pretty and normal even though the plant is quite short.
Enjoy the sunshine- I just hope it lasts.
Teri said…
That is awesome Cathy! What a beauty that bird is. So glad to see your lovely blooms. My zinnias are all on the short side right now. Hope that'll change as we dry out a bit.
It's definitely grand in your yard. I can't wait to come and see it in person.

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