All I can say is ........ WOW!

 The roof of the corn-zebo

I was lucky enough to have the Moline High School photography club come out and spend an afternoon. 

One of the students, Rhiannon Hunt sent me her pictures. A couple of days later, she won a Best of Show photography award at a local competition.  A talented amazing young woman.  I am so glad I have gotten to know her.
 Here are some of my favorite photos.  Remember these images belong to Rhiannon, not Miss Effie's.  Therefore, please do not copy them.


This is one of my favorites. 

Somehow, the composition of this one appeals to me.


Yoda Jo is just too cute.

And sometimes, you need some sunshine to brighten a gloomy day.

I am certain I did not do Rhiannon's photos justice..... but you will be seeing more of her.  Hopefully, she will help do some of the photos on our new brochure.  Photos by Rhiannon.... words by Emily and the graphics by The Orange Guy.  With all that talent ... it should be great!!!


rhiannon hunt said…
awh you are too sweet. i would be more than happy to help you out anytime i enjoyed my time there and i should be thanking you for the opportunity. your an amazing woman yourself and my photos are taken through your inspiration =]
fullfreezer said…
Those are quite good. Rhiannon has a bright future ahead of her.
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