Enlighten me.............

OK .... I need some help understanding an issue/problem that I have with my business.

Most of my friends in the flower business do not understand the U-pick aspect of the farm.  They question the condition of the flowers, the way people pick them .... just having people walk through the yard and cut flowers.

Some don't understand the picnic aspect of the business... you mean you can just bring a picnic and eat here while we are cutting flowers?  Yep.  Pick flowers, buy some eggs, eat in the corn-zebo.... its all part of the Miss Effie Experience

Some don't understand letting total strangers into my home to use the restroom.  Yea .... I do that. 
Daily. (Truth be known, this is one part I would like to change.  Its getting time for a port-a-potty.)

But this is what I don't get.

Yesterday (Monday .. we are normally closed on Monday) a couple hops out of their SUV and she immediately starts taking pictures.  Fancy camera ... not a point-and-shoot.  Now ... I am with a customer.  Honey is doing some trimming.  And I have a pot of jam on the stove.

So I speak to them ... ask them if they want a bucket of flowers.  And I get one question... how much are your flowers?  I answer that and that is the end of the conversations.  But pictures, pictures, and more pictures.  But no questions... no interest in who would do something like this.  No questions about the flowers.  No questions about the construction of a building with a swoooopy roof.

And I'm sorry but I feel violated.  Like I was robbed... burglarized.

I know.... I'm the one that went into a home-based business.  At my home.  Yea ... my house.  My home.  My corn-zeboMy lath house that looks like a bird house..  My tea-cup tree.  My Miss-Effie prayer flags.  My quilt blocks.  My Summer Kitchen with the swoooopy roof. 

And the thing is .... I love people taking pictures.  Lots of pictures.  Ooodles and Ooodles of pictures.

I guess....... I think of my customers as guests in my home and yard.  And I want them to have a good time.I want them to relax and feel at home. But yesterday ... I felt there were gate-crashers.

Talk to me ... how can I get over this?  I know I have to.  This is part of business.

But at this very moment.... I feel very venerable.


Welcome to dealing with the public. I design machine embroideries and I have a few quilt patterns I've done. Every time I go to a show I have to explain that, "no, its not okay to take a photo of a copyrighted design". In Chicago there was a man hiding behind a display in the corner of my booth taking photos of the booth across the aisle with a very long lens. It was obvious he was doing it to steal their patterns, or he would not have been hiding. Most people are delightful, wonderful, a joy to do business with. Every now and then you get the ones who just want to take advantage of you. Hopefully you will meet very few of those. Keep up the good work.
Catherine said…
Certainly you are justified...when someone pulls in my drive and starts snapping photos without explanation (it has happened) I want to know why or what is going on. And in your case taking photos without explanation and/or conversation suggests 'someone' plans to take your ideas...of course there isn't much you can do if you're open for business but I guess that knowing immitation is the best flattery will have to suffice. Hang tough, Miss Eff ...
Sherry said…
If I were there enjoying your hospitality, which you know we all do, I would have taken out my camera and started taking pictures of them... all for you. Wouldn't that have been great?!?!I
Lori Bowling said…
I definitely understand how you feel...yes it was very discourteous, i do like the idea of taking their pics. Sounds like you have a wonderful peaceful place. I hope persons like that a few and far between, my husband comes in contact with those type persons in his line of work as well (home const).
Did they buy flowers?

I definitely think it's strange that they just started snapping pictures. I'm not a business owner, but I take lots of photos. But, I try to be open and upfront with folks, that I'm a blogger mostly. It definitely seems odd, nonetheless.
clink said…
I don't mind the picture taking at all! In fact, I love people taking pictures.

This was creepy-stalky-I-won't-talk-to-you picture taking.

Maybe I TOTALLY misunderstood it. I am flattered ... they obviously drove at least 20 miles ... to take pics of what we have built.

I am willing to share my experience and knowledge and mistakes with anyone that asks. I just wanted to create a farm that is unique to two crazy old people in Iowa. I hope they can respect that.
Tammy said…
Maybe you should do a google search on your business/farm name and see if something pops up full of the pictures this person took... For a blog, article or some such. Sounds weird for sure. If they were there just to take photos at least they could have pretended to be courterous and interested. Sheesh.
Michelle said…
You asked how you get over this. For me, it would take time -- and lots of vigorous weed-whacking. Some things are just wrong, even if you can't quite define why, and it's okay to get indignant or mad or feel violated. And you know what? It's okay to tell the violators that, too! Nothing wrong with scaring off the bad apples. 'Course, you had a good apple there at the time, so that might not have been the time or place. Maybe you need to print out some cards to hand to such people so you don't have to have a verbal outburst in front of GOOD customers. I'm sure we could all help you with the verbage.... :-)

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