Farm update..............

According to WQAD, we have gotten 3 plus inches of rain in the last 30 hours.

Yea ....  this is right in front of the coop.  Fortunately, once the girls and I get thru this ... there is a nice sunny dry area.

So its time for a garden update.  Our tomatoes are looking great.  This is one that I am really excited about -- it is a black cherry tomato.  With the other two cherry tomatoes that we have, we should get a lot of tomatoes for drying and a lot of great mixed tomato salad with feta cheese.

On the flower front ... we have been totally blessed.  My friend Cathy from St. Bridget's Farm in Solon has really suffered with the rain.  Fortunately, for me .... she knows where she can find a few flowers.  I can not believe the number of buckets of flowers that has gone out of here in the last week and there are still flowers. That always amazes me!  I swear I look at the buckets leaving the farm .... and I know there won't be any flowers.  But there are!  Always!!!

The lisianthus is just kicking into bloom.  We have purple.  We have pink.  We have white.  We have lime.  We have white with purple edges.  And there are more to come.

OK -- you can decide this one.  This is Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia.  So far, I'm not crazy about it.  Maybe I will like it better in the fall.  I thought it would be redder.  Its a little brown-er than I personally like.

I plant flowers really really close to get them to stretch their little stems.  These are Sonata Cosmos.  I planted these babies waaaaay too close.  Approximately 6" apart.  And I love them!!! I wouldn't suggest it to everyone but if you grow flowers for a living, I would do it.  Now .. cutting down and creating a hole helps open up a space for flowers so you don't get all foliage.  But cosmos foliage is great stuff anyway.

The flowers have been blooming like crazy.  The only thing that makes it better is to have you cut and enjoy them.  Should be a beautiful weekend.  Pack a lunch on Friday or Saturday and head out to the farm.

And share your flowers with others.  Your soul will thank you!!!


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