I feel like the White Rabbit!!

I'm late!  I'm late!  I'm late for an important date!!!

That is the way I feel lately.  I feel like I am working and working and nothing says "Done!"  It might say "Good enough for now." but not "Done!".

The weekend was wonderfully busy.  Saturday morning was beautiful and clear and fairly cool.  After a pretty substantial sunburn on Friday ... I was doing little things. (We will discuss sunburns and people's reactions to sunburns tomorrow. If I hear one more mention about sunscreen ... which I use.... I will scream!!!) 

I cut milk jugs .... I sewed hankies on to a clothesline (Thanks Sue!) ..... I worked on the sink base, applying more paint stripper.

Then we had customer after customer come up the lane. It was a wonderful day with lots of great people stopping by and enjoying the farm. And I enjoyed their company.

And all projects ceased.

Sunday ... I moved slowly into work-mode.  A little laundry.  A few supper plans.  Clean the bathroom. And before 11 -- the drive was filling up with customers.

Now you need to understand how Miss Eff's mind works (or doesn't work ... that would be the proper term!)

We were having an event in the corn-zebo. So I decided that the border needs a good weeding...... which it got. Yes ... something is almost done!  I take a pile of weeds to the chickens.  But of course, I can't carry them all.  Once I get to the girls, I think I better check their feed.  Then I discovered eggs that needed to go into the house.  I put the eggs away ... and there are dishes in the sink.  I wash a few dishes and remember I have to get fresh tablecloths on the tables in the corn-zebo.  So I select tablecloths for the corn-zebo, take the old ones off, put the new ones on.... and take the soiled lines to the laundry.  Where I decide to try to iron .... but the iron has to heat up.  Oh -- I can cut a few jugs quick so I proceed outside to do that.  But I need to weed quickly around the teacup tree.................................

Do you see where this is going?????

Yea ................. there is still a pile of weeds by the corn-zebo.

If running this business was a class ........ I would get an incomplete!!!!

There are so many things to be done. And some are getting done.  And some aren't. But I don't want to be so task-driven that I miss the big  picture.

I went into this business to enjoy the beauty around me .... and to share that beauty with others.  I loved the feeling of relaxation comes when you sit in the quiet of the Iowa farmscape..... and I wanted to share that.  I want to sit on the grass and talk to my customers.  I want to happily give them a hug when they pull into the drive because they are family .... not customers.  I want to know their names ... where they live... and what they do. 

So there are places that the weeds are taller than I am.  There are gardens that need serious attention.  The Summer Kitchen proceeds at a slow pace.  The garden loom hasn't been started.  Mitzi hasn't been released from her 2x12 board.  The sink based isn't stripped and the rocking chair hasn't been painted. The list of undone projects .... is very long.

But my heart is filled with the love and friendship that I have received from my wonderful customers. 

So for now, the White Rabbit needs to grab a cup from the tea cup tree and mellow.  Summer is a precious commodity and Miss Eff is going to enjoy ever second of it.


I am SO bad about that - setting out to do one specific task, and then seeing ten more in the process that get me so involved that I forget the ONE thing I set out to do.

A cup of tea sounds like a fine idea. :)
Sherry said…
I often remind myself not to miss the forest for the trees. In my case, I am so scared that I will turn around and my girls will be over me while I was focused on them having good manners and clean clothes instead of loving how Greta sings all day long and how Gigi still cuddles even though she doesn't really fit on my lap.
Oh Miss Eff....we really are soul sisters....you just described how EVERY DAY of my life goes! I jump from thing to thing to thing....with nothing really getting to finished. Oh the life of a woman.
Barb said…
Years ago I took a trip to Elkins, WV to take an herbal class at the Augusta Heritage Center. Our class was to be held at the teacher's home about nine miles out of town. I was picturing the gorgeous, manured group of herb gardens, with tea breaks in the wicker chairs under the spreading chestnut trees...you know the scene. When our group of 12 eager students arrived at the designated area we thought we had gotten lost. In order to get to the teacher's house we had to drive through a junk yard. That just didn't seem right. Then there was this ramshackled house with asbestos shingles hanging every which way from the sides of the building and huge areas of unbelievably tall weeds. Wasps nests were everywhere. We were sick and just a wee bit (!) apprehensive. But out from the screen door, which by the way was hanging in place by thread, came this lovely, cheerful, plump, rosey-cheeked woman, our teacher. She was delightful!! She informed us that we would study the herbs up close until 10:00. Then from 10:00 to 2:00 we would sit in the shade of the trees and study from the books she would be handing out to us. You see, it would be much to hot to be out in the WV sun during those hours. While we went through our books she would make us our morning tea and snacks made from the herbs to be studied that day. After snacks, we could continue to study and she would make us a several course luncheon with the herbs from her place. First we had to FIND the herbs which meant we had to wade through shoulder high weeds. She would squeak out "here it is" and we would all peer through the grasses to see our herb(s) of the day. Not at all what we expected. She had an amazing number of herbs on her little rented plot, it was just a scavenger hunt to find them. The meals were incredible, all made from scratch with produce from her garden. She sent each of us back home with two flats of herbal cuttings and rootings. My l-o-n-g point is....she made us relax, she made us sit in the grass under the shade of those huge lovely trees, she made us notice the scent of the cinnamon vine, she made us get to know each other. I don't feel so bad now when I can't get to all the outside chores. As long as I can part the weeds and grasses and squeak with delight at what I find within...well, isn't that what makes a great day?

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