I know you want to do this!

 Picture courtesy of Abby Glann

Look at that stretch with the mozzarella!

OK -- by popular demand, I am teaching a cheese class in my kitchen. Yea .. my kitchen.  My very little kitchen.  With no air conditioning .... in August.  In Iowa. (Now don't get wimpy on me!!!)  Thursday .... August 5th at 1pm..... I'm thinking 2-1/2 hrs or so.  (We have to eat, you know!)

So .. if you sign up for my class ... I know you are really serious about learning how to make cheese!

This will be fun.  I love teaching this class! I love the magic that occurs when liquid milk magically *pops* into curds.  I have done this time after time and it never ceases to amaze me!

The class will be small ... it is definitely hands on. You will get a recipe folder with my pizza crusts, sauces and the cheese recipe ... and  a pound of freshly made mozzarella (by you!!!!)  I will serve a late lunch ... probably right from the garden ... using the mozzarella we just made.  And its all for the value price of $30.

And why is this soooo special???  Intern Emily and I are road-trippin' on Monday to Picket Fence Creamery to get the BEST milk to make this cheese. And butter... we need butter. And chocolate milk for Honey. And some chocolate malt ice cream............. but I digress!!!! (I need a bigger vehicle ... and maybe something that has a freezer compartment!)

Picket Fence milks Jersey cows and their milk is higher in butterfat so the cheese is incredible! Beautiful creamy yellow.  And ohhhh soooo yummy!

So if you want to learn how to make cheese ... now your chance!  OK -- there will be another chance -- for you night time or weekend gals.  And maybe another one.  I really do love to do this class!

Whether you ever make cheese again ... just knowing that you can .... is such a great feeling.  And if you are like me .... you will try other cheeses in the future.  The magic of the curds will draw you in!  And soon, you will have Ricki Carroll on speed dial!

But join in the fun.... try it out.  And make an awesome pizza on Thursday night for supper.


This sounds so fun! I would so come if I wasn't working.
Colleen said…
This sounds like a ton of fun. Wish we could come.
I wanna come too. Warning! Extreme pout ahead.
I live too far away and have finals this week so no road trips for me. Have lots of fun and please give us a post-cheesemaking report with lots of pictures.
Anonymous said…
My husband and I are relocating near your area, well NW of you,-Mt. Vernon, in 18mths. I have read your entire blog, this past weekend, and feel like we must have been separated at birth!We definitely have a lot of the same thoughts and many other things in common. Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog and for all the work you do on behalf of farmers everywhere. I look forward to meeting you when we visit next summer. :)
i wanna come, it seems like too much fun but i cannot, :( i m going to dubai for hoildays with my family and everything was planned ages ago and everything is paid for now, otherwise i would have come for sure - love your blog
Kim said…
"Beem me up Miss Effie"..if only I could transport from Florida for such a fun class and tasting! Can't wait to see pics. Jealous in FL

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