Meetin' Bloggin' Friends...............

I have met the neatest gal!  I am certain that we were separated at birth. We are soul sistas! OK .... there may be the fact that she is tall and elegant and slim and beautiful .............. and I'm not.  And there may be the fact that she is 30 ............ and I'm not.

But I am still certain we are sistas!

Jen likes junk stores, Re-Store, canning, and ripping into her house just to surprise her husband.  (Did you know that nothing says I love you more than a hole in a ceiling??  Honey ... look what I did today??? I love that!  Reminds me of a bathroom experience a few years ago!!!) Jen does these awesome vintage-looking signs..... I just know the Summer Kitchen is screaming for one.

Well .. Jen came to the farm a couple of weeks ago and blogged about it.  So today .... I am taking you to Jen's blog.  You must become a fan.  It is funny ... it is sweet .... it is fun.  And you will love.. love... love her house. Actually, she had me with her porch. 

So sit back .... have some lemonade.... and enjoy Jen's blog.  You will be there a while!


Oh goodness, I could just SQUEEZE you Miss Eff. And I think I will the next time I see you. ;-)

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