Some times, it all falls into place..............

Earlier this month, I was honored to have a fantastic bride and groom pick flowers for their wedding here at the farm.

Now we do a lot of wedding/reception flowers here.... but this one was special.

Early, on a Friday morning, here came the Mother-of-the-bride with breakfast for 25!  All the wedding party, all the parents, all the cousins and friends..... came to pick flowers.

And pick they did!

And more flowers.
And more flowers.

 And more flowers......

 And still more flowers.

Actually, there were more................... Bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids, boutonnieres, corsages, pew buckets, flowers on the alter and 30 bouquets at the reception!!!  20 buckets of flowers!  And I still had flowers after they left! (That's why I plant 8000!)

Honey was home (working on the Summer Kitchen!) and was amazed at the fun that everyone was having.  People were everywhere.... eating rolls and drinking orange juice.... picking flowers and laughing. They were taking pictures, relaxing and just hanging out!  It was wonderful!!!!!!

Well, today I got a letter.............. and I cried.

There are not enough words to explain the joy we had picking the flowers for Sarah’s wedding. It was an event wasn’t it? ......Your flower farm brought us together and I feel we really bonded and are one big happy family.........Everyone that was here just couldn’t say enough about the flower experience. Thank you!

Sometimes, magic just appears on the farm and it did on that day.  I am soooo glad so many people saw it ..... and knew they saw it..

I have had many couples get their flowers from the farm.  But I was honored and humbled to be involved in such a wonderful day for such a wonderful couple. 

Sarah and Andy ...I wish you much love, laughter, happiness and joy in your life together. But most of all ....... recognize the magic!

May God bless you.


What fun! I love the idea of having the wedding party there to help. Sounds like a blast.
Ginny said…
Miss Effie, I think you create more magic then you realize, keep it up. I love reading your blog.

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