Wanna hear what's new???

I know, you are sitting on the edge of your seat just wondering ... What is new at Miss Effie's?

OK -- you are getting the scoop. 

On June 24th we had our initial Silos and Smokestacks inspection.  Angie Reid (the Education and Interpretation Manager) came to the farm and looked us over.  She took picture after picture.  She asked question after question.  And we talked and we laughed and we relaxed in the corn-zebo. We ate too many brownies and drank strawberry lemonade. And hopefully, Angie had a good time.  I know Emily and I did.

I felt really good about the inspection when she left.  But I felt good about my first marriage years ago and we all know how that turned out!!! 

But the other day, we received a letter .... inviting us to be an emerging partner siteYEAAAAAAA!!!!

I'm going to try to explain the process to you.  If I am wrong ... maybe Candy, Angie or Aaron will pop in to correct me.

Say you want to become a partner site for Silos and Smokestacks and your farm/business/historical site are in the 37 county area in Iowa.  You would fill out an initial application and you will have an initial inspection like I just had.

First... they would determine if you have a story to tell about agriculture... modern or historically-based.  If your business doesn't tell a story that fits within their guidelines.... it won't be a site.  Now there are all sorts of categories --- it may be the story of modern production, or the history of the Native Americans that lived on this land long before I showed up.  But there are farms and business that don't fit the criteria ..... so they go no further in the process.

Then ... they look at where you are at in the story-telling process.  Why would people come to your farm and what would they see and learn?  It may have potential but ......... you aren't quite there yet.  And you will spend a couple of years (most likely) working on the educational impact of your site.

Now ... I have been working toward this for several years.  So I was familiar with Silos and Smokestacks focus ... and I tried to blend our focus with their focus.  Our first priority has been to stay true to ourselves but when we are looking at it ..... can it fit within Silos' vision?

So we are now an emerging site.  That means we still have work to do to become a partner site but its not that far away. 

We received a list of things to do .... (First words out of Honey's mouth ... I swear to God ... Oh No!  Not another list!!!! )

1) Finish building and store
2) Publish a brochure with a list of classes offered at the farm 
3) Label flowers
4)Put more signage on our gravel road
5)Erect parking signs and area
6) Public restrooms.

Not too bad.  Do-able as we say.  The brochure is in the works.  The building is coming right along.  Label flowers ... got that figured out in a classy fun way that may help another woman entrepreneur.  Public restrooms ......... please!!!!!  Yea ...  that is almost the first on the list.

Honey and I have been excited about the road signs.  One thing Angie suggested was Burma-Shave-type signs.  I know .... most of you are much too young to remember Burma-Shave signs.  Actually, most were gone by the time I would have recognized them.  I'm not sure if I actually ever saw one.

But Honey and I like corny poetry at times. So for our wedding (almost 11 years ago.  And my mother said it would never last!  I am certain no one had 11 years in the pool!!!) Honey painted the following signs to go up our lane.

Its much to hot 
to go sledding.
So walk this way 
for the wedding.

After you park
your horseless carriage
Come this way
for the marriage.

Burma-Shave type signs.  We are so all over that one!!!

So that is the list of projects at Miss Eff's.   After this list is completed, we will move on to a more in-depth application and another inspection. I'll show you updates as they come along and let you know how we are doing.

Wish us luck!!!


Hickchick said…
Hurray! Congratulations on the Silo's partnership...
Michelle said…
Great news! And it sounds like you're already working on everything on their list, so full partnership can't be far away.
Unknown said…
Congrats on the partnershipe .. love your farm.. photos.


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