We be jammin'

I think I need some dreadlocks. (Seriously, did you know there is dreadlocks dot com!)

We here at Miss Eff's have been jammin' all summer.  Emily is truly queen of the canner. I say ... Emily, would you rather weed or ......................... and she is off and runnin' for the kitchen!  That girl is a kitchen goddess!

So far this summer ..... we Emily has made the following.... (Its in my pantry .. Don't I get a little credit???)

Strawberry jam
Blueberry jam
Blueberry Lime jam
Raspberry jam
Raspberry -Rhubarb jam
Blueberry-Rhubarb jam
Chamomile Jelly
Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream topping ..... I'm sure that is some place.  I couldn't have taste-tested it all??????
Ginger mint Lemonade concentrate
Strawberry Lemonade concentrate
Apple mint Lemonade concentrate 
Ginger mint Limeade concentrate  (my personal favorite!)

But today I am in the kitchen alone as my kitchen goddess has abandon me for the week.  She escaped our heat and humidity for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan via Wisconsin.

Since she is under-age and I most certainly would not break any laws.......... I am doin' the cookin' with booze!  Usually when I cook with booze ... its in the cook. (I love it when my friend Sarah comes out to can ... she brings wine!) I am sacrificing the glass of wine for the jar.  The Vinoschnarfers will never believe it!

But today ....the first jar goes to my friend Debbie.  She loves a good Cabernet, she loves strawberry jam.  What could be better? It is Red Wine Strawberry Jam.  And so far ........ so yummmmm!

Now to find some Captain Morgan to make that daiquiri jam.


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