What are you all about???

When you are business for yourself .... and you do something as unique as Miss Eff's.... you get the occasional question ............What are you all about?

I have tried to describe it.  I have tried to show it.  But it is best left in the hands of my customers. 

So in the next few days, I'm taking the easy way out and connecting you to first hand comments.   You get to read what others have to say about Miss Effie's. 

Today is from Sherry's blog .... My Three G's.  Sherry started coming out to the farm 3 years ago (I think I remember that right!!) She is a talented, funny, wonderful person that I love!  Yesterday Sherry and Greta  brought their friend Lynn and her two daughters out the the farm. 

Thank you Sherry, for such a nice post.  And great pics!!! And for helping me describe the essence of Miss Effie's. 

And for making my life easy.  Which I need.  Badly.  I'll be back in a couple of days with another post from another blogging friend. 

And now ..... enjoy Sherry's view of Miss Effie's.


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