You sent me these................

OK -- I have a lot to talk about and show you.  But my camera (two days out of warranty, mind you!) bit the dust.  Oh -- I can take pictures.  I can download pictures. I just have NO idea what I am taking pictures of!

So you won't see the swooooping roof of the Summer Kitchen.  Or the siding that is on.  Nor will you see or debate the depth of the scallops that Honey is putting on the peaks.

You won't see the 6 batches of ice cream that Emily churned out today. You won't see the evidence that the ironing basket is actually empty.  (And I didn't burn or hide it!  It is really really done!)

You won't see the loaf of bread I baked, the beds I weeded, the new duckling or the kittens that are finally emerging from the barn.  (no ... they aren't friendly!)

No ..... you get to see your pictures. 

Now I love love love when you send me photos.  You share your time and your children with me!  And I am soooooo honored .... so please, I am showing a very few of the wonderful photos that I get.  And if I have never said it before ..... I think Face book is AWESOME!  Miss Eff and 500,000,000 of her closest friends. (Yea ... like Miss Eff has any friends!!)

Adorable .... right????  She is such a fashionista!!!

Today ... a little girl called us the "Kitty Cat Farm"........... she got it from him.  He just giggled and giggled.

I was concerned that no one would use the bed.  No naps .... no siestas..... no telling secrets to a BFF.  I was afraid that no one would notice how special a bed in a garden could be.

I sure got that wrong!!!!!!!!!


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