Can I have some cheese with my whine?????

Last night, I felt I was back in school.  You remember when the kid that sat behind you in math class, hit you on top of the head with his text book?????  That absolute stunned feeling????

Yep ..... it was kind of like that!!

OK .... a little background. 

Several months ago, my friend Debbie asked me if I wanted to do the Beth Moore Bible Study on the book of Daniel.  (Confession time .... I have never done a Bible study in my life!!!  Which probably comes as no surprise to many!  But now I have.  And I will do another.  There! That shocked ya!)  And I said yes, I would enjoy going to a Bible study with her.

When her husband Jim found out about it, he said .... "Daniel?  Her first Bible study is going to be Daniel?"

Yea ... I, too visited the lion's den. I didn't expect a light-fluffy gathering of women, gently reading passages out of the Bible.  But I also didn't expect intense study, hard-to-remember facts, and head-spinning confusion.
Yep .... danger, prophecy, end-of-times, crime, greed ..... Daniel had it all!

Last night was the last evening .... 12 weeks of study. And suddenly during the final video, Beth Moore says, God doesn't want to hear you complain.

Yea ... God was sitting behind me with his textbook!!!!!

I complain about the rain.  I complain about being too busy.  I complain about being not busy enough. I complain about my road.  I complain about the traffic.  I complain about fixing supper.  I complain about the quality of the meal when I go out.  I complain about the laundry.  I complain about the dishes.  I complain constantly!!!!

I am done!

This is now a whine-free zone.  For the next month, I am going to break the complaining cycle.  No whine for me!!  Thirty days. This is it!! 

And YOU can call me on it.  And I expect you to.

But the first person that tries to take the "wine" out of "whine"...... is going to hear it.  I'm thinkin' I'm going to need a drink or so!!!!


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