Feeding an addiction................

OK -- remember the first time you ate a fantastic, wonderful steak and you swear you have never eaten a steak like that before???  Or maybe you bit into a home-grown heirloom tomato --- and you marvel at the richness of flavor.  Or maybe it was when you compared a really fresh farm egg to those wimpy pale yellow-yolked things sold at a grocery store.

It was at that moment .............. you became a foodie.

Now ... I have had different "ah-ha" moments with food................. a great blue cheese from Mineral Point, WI.  A duck salad at a now-defunct restaurant in Oakbrook. Mackeson XXX milk stout. My mouth waters just thinking about those tastes.

But then ... an addiction hits.  And you need it.  Not just want it ................ need it.

View my refrigerator.

Yep .......... I am addicted to Picket Fence milk. Who knew there would be a cult-like following for ...........milk???? Whole milk (Baby -- where have you been all my life!!) cream, butter and ice cream.  Even cream to make my own sour cream.  Yea ... I love it all!  And I'm not even going to mention the chocolate malt or the raspberry-chocolate ice cream.  (I need to find a gym ... hopefully, near Woodward!)

I've said it.  I am addicted. They say that is the first step in getting help. But where do I get help?  I looked in the phone book and I couldn't find PFC-Anonymous. 

So I looked for help any way I could get it.  After all ... who is crazy enough to drive 7 hours for ....milk???  (You are looking at her through the screen!!)

In a small town ..... a little back alley location in an unsuspecting residential neighborhood...... plans were made to swap the goods.  My dealer is warm and friendly.......  so unlike those in the movies when they trade for the "white stuff".

On Sunday afternoon .... at an undisclosed location in Eastern Iowa, the cooler was passed.  Money changed hands .  I was happy.  The fear of withdrawal was gone. Six glorious gallons of PFC whole milk now resides in my refrigerator.

A foodie has been saved.


I remember the morning when I realized I was a milk snob. I reluctantly said that I could use last night's milk for my coffee.
clink said…
Oh How Funny!!!!! I'm that way with eggs..... won't fry or poach yesterdays eggs ... they are fine for baking!
BlueGate said…
Totally "crack-ed" me up, Cathy! Long live PFC!!
Farm-Raised said…
I love this!! The adventure...the thrill!! The tasty reward! So fun! I want in!! :-)

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