Hey! I didn't start this.

Yesterday, I was cruising along, thinking about the success of my first home-based cheese class.  I was trying to relax and catch up on the news of my friends.  I was relatively calm ..... not too twitchy for me ........ and actually contemplating the a new color of walls for my bedroom.

And then ..... I read this.

And now ... I'm hyperventilating.

OMG!  It is August!  Where has the summer gone???? And my list .... where is my list???

OK -- my list must be in the garbage can. Cuz that is what I feel like I have accomplished.... CRAP!!!  I have accomplished CRAP!!!

Major goals for the summer.........

1) Build Summer Kitchen ........ OK, its a work in progress.

2) Build garden loom.  Remember this???  It was a great thought.

3) Pave the floor of the little gazebo.  (I went instead for the natural green carpet look of weeds!)

4) Re-do Jenny's garden... Jenny's garden is an area that I had planted heirloom plants from 1892 era. It has always been a difficult garden to work with and keep weed-free.  We have not touched it this year!!  EVER!!!  Finest specimens of weeds you could find!!  Only thing that can possibly save it now ...... is a match!!

5) Keep the cutting garden weed-free. Emily will tell you the hours that I have had her laboring in the sun ... pulling and pulling and pulling.  Am I there???  HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!  And after a couple of rainy days and steamy heat ....... OMG!! There monsters out there!!!

6) Do brochure.... the good news on this one, I do have a meeting today with the graphic artist.
7) Get the larder stocked for winter. We have been canning fools here at Miss Eff's... but most of it is for the Summer Kitchen.  I have done no sweet corn nor have I touched tomatoes.  True, the tomatoes are just coming on.... but I am worried about having enough produce for the winter.

8) Build Mitzi.  Mitzi is my new art/scarecrow project.  Garden tools for hands, porch posts for arms, old springs for boobs, and beer caps for hair.  The good news is that Mitzi will have lots and lots of hair!!!  We will continue working toward the Rapunzel-look for her.

We have had lots of great accomplishments this year.  We have sold more jellies and jams than ever.  Egg orders and sales have been wonderful. And I actually have money in the bank for next year..... a major plus considering the last two years. Customers come back time and time again for flowers for their homes.

We were named an emerging partner site for Silos and Smokestacks so that is good. We raised $500 for the North Scott Food pantry and have other small, but hopefully, significant ways to add to their coffers during the rest of the year. The Sunday in the Garden with Miss Effie and Friends event was a huge success and lots of fun. And we made awesome ice cream!

We booked our very first on-the-farm wedding for next year.  And I have started with my home-based cooking classes. I will continue to teach adult-education classes at Scott Community College and have been asked back to Prairieland Herbs to teach a class or two again.

But the most important accomplishment has been all the wonderful friends that I have met.  Some through blogging or Facebook ...... some through classes ....... some from just coming to the farm to pick flowers.

So in the dead of winter .... when I'm writing that long list of the things I want to do next summer...... I will remember Catherine and Jen and Kim and Aprillynn and Carla and Sue and so many, many, more wonderful people that have touched my heart and have become part of this little farm.

I am certain .... that their friendships are number one on any list!!!!


Carol said…
I think you need to focus on the accomplishments, not the things yet undone. Our to-do lists are always the things we want to do, but if we look at them in the time/space continuim, we aren't very realistic in what can be accomplished in an alloted time frame. Then you add mother nature to the mix and it totally ruins your expectations. You are great at friendships and that is what will endure(well, maybe the weeds could top that). Friendships are what really matters. Have a wonderful day!
Susan said…
Amen to what Carol said - your accomplishments are many. And your sense of fun makes reading your posts so enjoyable. You are an inspiration!
honey said…
The National Forest Service just contacted me about that 'to do list'. It seems there is some sort of problem with providing trees to make all that paper....
clink said…
Thank you Carol ..... yea, friendships are really all that matter and I am so blessed to know the neatest people!!

I need to learn ... this is all I can do and let the rest go.

Thanks Susan .... I like to laugh a lot so we try to keep the fun here at the farm!

And Honey ..... I think I can find more paper!!!!!
I'm sorry, but yes, it is August. No reason I should be the only one freaking out, right? And everyone else is right. You have accomplished a lot this summer! I, on the other hand, have only kept my head above water doing all the usual cooking, gardening, cheese making, canning, freezing, etc. We should be eating well this winter though!
clink said…
Girlfriend... you have accomplished a ton! Remember .. Mother Earth News??? Community gardens??

You have done well...

But we are sooo in the same boat!!
Barb said…
This Spring I had all sorts of ideas (like keeping up with the weeding...."insert maniacal laugh here") and planting perennial beds and sipping tea on the front porch. My garden is a jungle, the few beds I have planted look poorly because of all the rains and the front porch and tea sipping???? What front porch? I didn't even have time to make it to your farm during the family reunion. The reunion was magical but no extra time to slip away to meet you and melt into your wonderful farm.

However, the Summer still smells wonderful and fresh; I have enjoyed the sun and some of the heat (we don't have air-conditioning in the parsonage) and the bird/insect songs lull me to sleep at night and wake me in the morning. I have to remember that this is what Summer is all about. I'll think about the 36 tomato plants tomorrow... maybe.
joven said…
beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

You have done so much. I think u are far too hard on yourself. You have taught me so much this year and really helped me and encouraged me with canning and preserving - thank u for that. It may not have been on your list, but it's much appreciated.

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