It's August in Iowa and what do we say?????????

It's not the heat .... its the humidity!!!  And today ... it was both.

When you can ... in Iowa ... in a house without air conditioning.... you develop some unique perspectives on the heat.

This was the outside air temperature.

And this was my kitchen temperature.

But Emily and I were true kitchen goddesses today.  She made 4-1/2 pints of Apple Pie Jam, 8-1/2 pints of Orange Marmalade and 3-1/2 pints of Ginger Mint Cantaloupe Jam.  Which is ..........interesting.

Now when you say ............ interesting....... it brings all sorts of things to mind. Like when they tell you that your blind date has a great personality........ yea, interesting. 

But that is the word to describe it .... you taste the cantaloupe and then the refreshing mint taste and then there is the sweetness.  Yea ..... interesting.  In a very yummy interesting way.

So that was Emily's contributions to global warming today.  Me ..... I did 5-1/2 pints of jalapenos and another 12-1/2 quarts of peaches for Honey.  If you are counting, that is 25-1/2 quarts of peaches in 3 days.  And he eats two quarts a week. 

There are a lot more steamy days to come.

So if you are in my neighborhood, call first before dropping in unexpectedly after flower hours.  Cuz with all the heat and humidity we create ... there may just be a full moon.  And not in the sky.

Nearly Naked Canning season has arrived!!!!


Susan said…
I love that!!! Nearly Naked Canning Season. We have that here, in upstate NY, too. I have learned the hard way not to put the airconditioner on when I'm canning - it masks the sound of the front door opening....
Barb said…
Then there is the wiping of the forehead with the hem of the t-shirt whilst canning....not a bad thing really unless it's too hot to wear a bra. Most if the time it IS too hot to wear a bra when canning in August. So beeee careful out there. :')
girlwithasword said…
nearly naked canning season! Too funny!
hotflawedmama said…
You and I are soul sisters! I don't have AC either so there are lots of things being done nearly naked around here! You are too much.
Sharon Wren said…
Ok, if you ever write a book, one chapter HAS to be called "Nearly Naked Canning Season".

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