One lump or two................

I dream of a sultry summer day ......... gentle breezes .... the peaceful antics of butterflies, flitting among the flowers.  There would be no tomatoes to can.  No furniture to paint.  No gardens to weed.  Just flowers to cut and arrange in bouquets to decorate my corn-zebo.

I dream of black current tea with honey ..... raspberry cream scones Ala Emily ........ cucumber sandwiches with home-made cheese and freshly clipped herbs.

I dream of lace tablecloths, pink depression glass and chipped but dainty china.

I dream of having a tea party.

I want all my girlfriends there... some new friends, some old friends.

We would all wear our very best finery.

And I would have a new hat just for the occasion.

And I would sit at the head of the table ....... because it was my special day ....... and I would ask, "Sugar or honey with your tea?" And if you said "Sugar", I would ask "One lump or two?"

And my friends will marvel at the delights on the dessert tray.  "Ooooh, cream puffs".

Yes ............. I dream of a sultry summer day with my friends.

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!


Judy T said…
What a fabulous tea party! What a lucky girl. My daughter is 16 and still dreams of having a fancy tea/garden party with floppy hats. Maybe next year when the house is more finished.
Have a peaceful summer day.
BlueGate said…
That might be the most charming thing I've seen in ages! Love it! Also particularly fond of the Rustoleum cans in the background in the first shot...that's my kind of a tea party ; )
Miss Effie said…
Jill -- I'm not sure what the spray paint cans were there for........ but I had to laugh that you noticed them too. I saw them when I down-loaded the pics!

There is no party at this place without a project going on here!
whalechaser said…
Must have been a lot of fun! Great idea!

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