Passing the hat..........................

When I started the farm 8 years ago ... I knew a couple of things. First, it had to be "my farm".  Not a vision of  some  place else.  It was going to be my farm.  I realize imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it is also not too creative!!! So succeed or fail, it is all on my shoulders!  And I can be proud of it or not. But it is mine.

I also knew that we needed to be part of the community.  And that means giving back.  Even if it hurts. So between cancer benefits and bake sales and school tours and hauling cider presses around the county, we did it because it is the right thing to do.

The last few years have been financially very difficult.  Between constant rain and medical bills and sky-rocketing expenses and salary cuts .... there hasn't been any extra money here at Miss Eff's.  But through it all, I kept saying ...... Support the community and the community will support you. There have been times that our community activities put us behind the eight-ball.

Last spring, I spent hours and hundreds of dollars working on a community breakfast. I juggled and juggled and juggled the checkbook, trying to make it work.  I could have been paid for what I did.... others in the organization were.  But I kept saying our mantra.....

A couple of quick updates on things that have happened here on the farm in the last couple of weeks and some news about where we are going.

First of all, we have the final totals from the ice cream social ..... $520 for this year's event.  In the last two years, Miss Effie's has raised $950 for local food pantries.  Every time, we have taken that cash and converted it into Freight House Farmers Market gift certificates and then took the gift certificates to the food pantry to be distributed.

This way ...... healthy wholesome food is available to all.  And it helps support my friends like Sawyer Beef and Brazy Creek farm that spend their time, trying to make a living off the fruits of their land.

Because of our farm's work with local foods, Buy Fresh-Buy Local, our fund raisers for the food pantries, the school tours and the classes we give .............. we were awarded a Lujack Extra Mile award this week.(Yea ... they haven't updated the website for a while!)  We received a check for $500 that was divided between the Women, Food and Agriculture Network and the North Scott Food Pantry.

So we have set a goal.  By the end of next year, we would like to have raised $2000 for local food pantries.

And we have a new idea.  And I think a fun idea!

See these hats?  I have a bunch.  8 or 9 vintage straw hats.  And always looking for more.  

So ..... these will be on pegs in the Summer Kitchen for you to rent for $1.00.  Yea .... browse my gardens, pick some flowers, look oh-so stylish and rent a hat for a dollar.  And all those little dollars will go directly to the North Scott Food pantry to provide more families with healthy nutritious foods.

I have been blessed with the knowledge and the ability to can and preserve and garden for myself.  So when Honey and Miss Eff have had tough times, we knew we always had something to eat.  And that is a blessing.  But so many have not learned how to cook, let alone can.  

So for your little contribution, we can make a little impact.  But that little impact can be huge for a hungry family.  

Are ya with me??  If so, I will pass the hat!!!!


You are an amazing force of nature Miss Eff. We'd like to reserve four hats for the next time we're on the farm. :-)
BlueGate said…
Rock on, Cathy! You are truly one of a kind, and in the best way possible!

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