So what is new?

The corn is turning golden brown and the air is crisp this morning.  Fall is coming fast. Although I know there is still alot of summer left, Miss Eff's 9th season is beginning to wind-up. It seems to happen when school starts ..... we suddenly slow down. 

And yet, I seem to speed up.  There is so much canning to do, gardens to clean, coops to scoop and projects to finish. The urge to knit and spin strike again and my fingers want to caress the fiber

And I have that itch to redecorate. Yea.  And I've got it B-A-D.  Fortunately, the Summer Kitchen is not done so I will be able to paint and sew and re-upholster to my heart's content. But that still doesn't stop me now from drooling over a re-furbished dresser or getting some ideas about new curtains.

Instead, I have been re-decorating the blog.

It's cheap ... not all that easy for me .... but it may be satisfying when it is done.  So bear with me as I flip colors ... move gadgets.... install new pages. Eventually, all the recipes I post will be easy to find and the class schedules will be online so you can find me!

And who knows, there may be a Flicker account for you to browse through.

So forgive the dust and the plaster in your sandwiches. I'll move the drop cloth so you can sit down and imagine the blog like I do. Oh ... forgive the plumber.  Just a little remodeling going on.


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