This is why....

I rarely do bouquets.  I like doing bouquets.  But I am a bit of a perfectionist.  And bouquet making doesn't come easy for me. But this is for a special customer.  And I will do them ..... but be warned.

I agonize.................................. a lot.

I want to do bouquets that look like they came out of Martha Stewart's flower room ....... complete with farmhouse sink and Japanese cutting shears.  You know, how she cuts just the right amount of flowers and foliage and the colors are just perfect.  And the stem doesn't twist and turn ...... the wrong way.

Yea .............. that's what I want.

But instead ... I cut flowers.  I have a plan.  But the plan doesn't work out the way I want it to!  The pink is toooo orange.  And the salvia droops too much.  The zinnias aren't standing up straight enough.  And the hostas are sun-burned!  Yea .... that's how I agonize.

So I end up with this.

Un-used snapdragons, celosia, lisianthus and eucalyptus. Just on the kitchen counter with no place to go.

Cuz I totally changed my plans.  Yea ............ me!  I changed my mind!!!

But in the end ..there is a lovely bouquet. 

Courtesy of God's creative hand.  He is really a much better florist than I am.


Barb said…
It is stunning. You have a knack.
Gorgeous! I think bouquet making is really hard but you did a great job!ju
It looks beautiful Cathy. What are the pink flowers? They're so dainty and wonderful. If I didn't have a sicky kid I'd be out this weekend for some. But we'll be out soon...need more eggs. Oh and I LOVE the blue color of your dining pretty.
I can never make a bouquet I feel good about. I think this looks lovely!

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