Ya know how I feel...........

I know I am preaching to the choir, sisters!  But your favorite farmers market needs your help.

Besides ... it doesn't get much easier than this. Go to the badge on the right... search your state or the name of your favorite farmers market.  And there are a bunch now.  In the last year, farmers markets have increased 16%!

Yea ... its because we are demanding fresh, local food out of the control of the big boys. We want salsa without high fructose corn syrup. We want ground beef that came from one steer.  We want apples that haven't been sprayed with every chemical known to man. We want tomatoes that taste like tomatoes .... not a piece of paper.

We want fresh eggs ... not eggs that can be as old as 9 months old in our grocery stores. We want baked goods with ingredient lists that don't look like Intro to Molecular Chemistry!  We want jam without preservatives.  We want fresh and local and we want it now!

So vote for your favorite farmers market .... today.  Do it in honor of National Farmers Market Week.

Tell them Miss Effie sent you!!!


melanie said…
Done! And I added the link to my blog to encourage more votes!
AMEN SISTA! Voting right now.

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